I am just so in love with bleecker leather

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  1. well it has been awhile since i have posted something but i bought the brown signature katylen (SP) sneaker for my mother as an early mothers day gift. Today, T picked up a bleecker zip leather whiskey hobo. I love how the leather feels . . Outlet is having a insane sale on them with tax it cost $71.27. Well, back to writing up papers. Now all i need is a nice light weight leather tote .
  2. Congrats, you got a great deal and I have Katelyn's too except in black :smile:
  3. Good deal! Post pics when you can!
  4. Ooh, I'd love to have a small Bleecker hobo - great deal!! Can't wait to see the eye candy!!
  5. What a great deal. I love my hobo in wine so much.
  6. Wow great deal. Congrats!!
  7. What an amazing deal on your bag!!!! Which outlet did you go to?
  8. i went to the outlet in nigara falls ny... they also had the katylen sneakers that i just purchased on pce at full price store there for $99 . i will post pics when i get near a camera thansk to all ....
  9. Congrats on the bag and sneakers!