I am just not sure now...

  1. I went to my Neimans boutique to pick up my saleya MM well the SA who I have never worked with told me he just sold the last one which pissed me off.... On top of that when I asked to see other bags he acted like he didn't want to show me. I asked to see the MC speedy in white. He brought out black then said well its the same size so just look at this one... After that I asked about the groom pieces he stated the cles didn't come in red which I knew( I wanted to know which pieces he had in store) I also asked to see some other bags but in the end I felt rushed and unvalued:crybaby:

    I guess I will just go to the LV boutique in the mall from now on.
  2. oh...so sorry to hear about this. there's nothing worse than being excited to go get something LV and then to get rushed and unvalued by a bad SA. well it's his loss and a better SA's gain. you will get your saleya under better circumstances. i'm sure of it.
  3. that sucks! i hate when associates feel like they're better than their customers. i hope your next shopping experience is much better.
  4. Sorry this happened to you...there is nothing worse.
  5. Thanks ladies... I think the thing that pissed me off was that my SA had called and said it was there then this other SA~ A guy I had never seen before told me he sold it... I was soo sad then he tried to get me to buy the pm
  6. :yes: i agree
  7. that totally sucks..hope you have better luck at the boutique!
  8. that wasn't nice... i've never had an experience with an SA who refused to show me a bag
  9. Sorry to hear about your bad experience... people like him don't need to work for LV. :blah:
  10. Sorry that happened to you. Have no idea how he can be so rude like that... Just skip him.
  11. That's 100% unacceptable! If an SA is giving you attitude, just ask for the manager or another SA who will actually want to help you.
  12. Sorry this happend. That sucks. Let the manager know, you shouldn't be treated like that.
  13. This should never happen. So sorry to hear that it happened to you.
  14. Very sorry this happened to you. I would complain to the NM and LV management.
  15. LV experiences should never be like this. I hate it when a rude SA ruins your whole shopping plans. Before I found my regular SA, I had a few shopping trips like yours in Neimans boutique. I always go to the LV store now. Chin up and get back to LV as soon as you can to erase this bad memory!