I am just choked

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  1. Every designer and their dog is doing metallics this season except for Balenciaga. I want a bronze bbag!
  2. I know what you mean, sunspark, I really want to get a silver or pewter b.bag...but because those finishes are so delicate I don't want a used one.
  3. They are more delicate, but I wouldn't mind a used one as long as it wasn't too badly beat. I was contemplating a bronze paddy but after taking my whiskey out today I realized once again how heavy it is lol.
  4. I own a Pewter myself and I must say I'm looking forward to it getting used. I really like the look of the leather when the silver has rubbed off in a few places from usage. Obviously a mistreated bag is a completely different story but a vintagey looking metallic is oh so yummy! But I completely understand wanting to get it to that stage yourself ;)
  5. i totally love my pewter first. and would do anything to get a pewter city or a bronze city too!
  6. I'd love a bronze too...
  7. Yes, I love my pewter first - but it looks and feels so . . NEW still! this is one b bag I get the most comments/compliments on.
  8. Me too - Would love a metallic for evenings, to go with a LBD
  9. i'd love a darker than pewter color, like a metallic charcoal.
  10. Bronze first would be a great evening bag!
  11. ITA!:yes: