I am INLAID... I mean, In LOVE!!!!

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  1. This is the large Inlaid Brooke in Taupe. She was at my favorite outlet today. 50% off + 20% coupon! $236 + tax. :nuts: I LOVE her! What do you guys think? Anyone else have this baby and love her? Please share!!! Pics are welcome!

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  2. LOVELY!!! :smile: What an awesome day for you!!! :smile: :smile:
  3. Congrats on the new beautiful bag! I saw it IRL at the outlets today and it is very nice. I was very tempting.
  4. Thank you! My outlet had soooo many wonderful things today... Poppy pink tartan Spotlights, green croc embossed garnets, a crackled metallic gunmetal small Brooke, and Kristin clutches to die for. She just called my name. I tried her on at the FP boutique but thought I wouldn't get much use out of her because it is patterned and I love pattern in my clothes. But... for that price, I can find an outfit or two...:graucho:
  5. Wow I think it's super gorgeous! So unique! Congrats!
  6. ^^^ITA!! Lovely and gorgeous! Congratulations and what a steal!!!
  7. Beautiful!!! The Brooke is really growing in me! I love the inlaid C's and the hang tags are seriously cool! You have a lovely collection!
  8. that is a steal, I love the colors in this bag, I have her and think she is beautiful.
  9. I got this last Thursday, and I love it!!!

    Your title made me laugh out loud thought, and my doggie was wondering what was wrong with me!! :P
  10. I'm glad it made you laugh... My Roxie (boxer) gives me that tilted head look when I laugh like she thinks I am crazy!;)
  11. Oh my, that is one gorgeous bag. First time I've seen one of these. Enjoy. Congrats.
  12. Thank you! That hangtag was one of the deciding factors... It has a large hangtag that looks like python embossed, a large C in ostrich with large brass studs and a small C in a small python embossed pattern with small brass studs... Dreamy!:P
  13. Thanks!!! I love the one in your avatar (and the key fob, too); it's so creamy... ;)
  14. I saw one of these in black/gray I guess at my outlet yesterday. The SA was walking around with it, showing it to everyone. Very nice - congrats!
  15. Yes I have her and my dumb a.....s paid full price for her back in Dec our outlet NEVER get the good stuff. Just be careful about transfer but she is a beauty ENJOY and great deal:nuts:
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