I am in the market for some new Louboutins... OPINIONS!!

eee....i think there's nothing hotter than black patent pointy toe pumps..so i vote for pigalle...though round toe is probably more comfortable. well, the pigalle isn't really THAT pointy....try both on and base your decision on comfort, maybe? really can't go wrong with either....:P
I love BOTH the Decollete 868 and the Pigalle.....the Pigalle 100 though, not the Pigalle 120 which I can't find too many occasions to wear (not to mention they are impossible for me to walk in). If you want a great, classic, pointy-toed black Louboutin pump, get the Pigalle 100 (4-inch heel) -- totally walkable/comfortable, great for both professional/work events & evening/fun affairs.