I am in so much trouble...a serious confession

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  1. Today I went to return a CL clutch that I bought on a whim, but was not really in love with. And, instead of just pocketing the store credit and holding on to it for another day, or making an even exchange, I ended up buying two pairs of CL shoes, spending another $1000 over my store credit amount.

    This, after I promised my husband I was going to stop my over-shopping. I've spent a fortune over the past 6-8 months, including what now adds up to 21 pairs of CLs.... I don't know what's come over me.

    I thought about not telling him what I did, but I really don't want to have any lies between us. To me, it makes breaking a promise even worse when you lie about it. Needless to say, he's pretty furious with me. More furious than he's been in years.

    And...I can't take the shoes back because they only offer store credit.
  2. lol
    Was it worth it? Which ones did you get??? Pics please!!!
  3. Oh no! That totally sounds like something I would do!! :shame: What shoes did you get? Can you return one pair and hang on to the store credit until later?
  4. Uh oh. Girl, show us some pictures, so we can help you decide if it was worth it!
  5. I wish I could laugh about it!

    Decollete in Dark Silver/Lavender Paillete
    Nude Patent Clichy

    They are both absurdly beautiful, but I don't think he cares about that right now.

    I will post pix eventually, but I have to let the wounds heal first.
    This is not a good time to break out the camera set-up. ;)
  6. can you start selling any of them on ebay? or have any pairs you haven't worn that you can return to saks or something other than the boutique?
  7. I am so curious to know which clutch you returned. We dont see that many CL purses around here!
  8. I am soooo sorry. Sometimes it is hard to resist the temptation, isn't it?
    Hope your situation resolve soon:love:
  9. Oh no Jetset! It is so hard for me to have even the slightest bit of restraint when I walk into a CL boutique or department so I completely understand.

    What shoes did you get? Are they your HGs and you can't live without them? If so, then I am sure that your DH will understand eventually...perhaps there is something that you can do for him that will make him want you to have the shoes KWIM?
    If they are just shoes that you can do without and are nice to have, then consider selling them on ebay. I am sure that with your taste in shoes, you will be able to recoup your money quickly.

    Do you mind if I ask why you promised DH that you wouldn't spend anymore...are you guys saving for a big investment or does he just feel that you own enough beautiful shoes to buy anymore? I hope that's not too personal.
  10. An idea: Return purchases > Get store credit > Sell store credit > Get $ back

    If the store credit is in the form of a gift card, then you can sell it. For example, $600 gift cards have been sold for $580... a good return.
  11. Okay, pix on the way...I'm still at work so....I can swing it.
  12. Oh boy, that is a hard call.
    Why don't you meet him half way? I recommend keeping the nude patent clichy because those are just such practical shoes that you will get lots of wear out of AND they are so amazingly beautiful. And sell the paillete decollete...didn't you just get the black paillete decolletes? Although I think that these shoes are stunning and I am dying to get just one pair myself, I don't think it's worth it to have 2 pairs of this style since they are mainly special occassion/black tie event shoes.

    If I recall the prices correctly, the decolletes are just about $1K so if you sell them, then you will basically get the money you spent today back.
  13. Here they are...my bad girl shoes.

  14. WOW!!
    keep them both lol
    Love the Decolletes!
  15. I am afraid that I cannot comment here any longer because I fear that your DH will hunt me down for enabling you....but I will just say that those are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen! You sure do know how to pick them.

    How upset is he really? My SO gets upset when I come home with a new box but he gets over it quickly. Will this cause a lot of unnecessary stress between you two if you don't get the money back...or is the damage already done since it's more of an issue of breaking your promise? Once again...I hope I am not getting too personal here.