I am in SHOCK & DISBELIEF! NO Olsen hobo for me!

  1. I won the auction for $2475 (too much, I know) and was anxiously awaiting for it to be shipped. The seller told me it would be sent yesterday (Thursday) and I was like.... WHOOO HOOOOO, Happy V-day to me!

    So just a few minutes ago I got this e-mail from the seller:

    I'm really depressed and angry... My car was broken into at work.
    Your purse and my stereo is gone. I'm at a lost for words as I just
    lost thousands of dollars plus my driver's side door is damaged... I
    was so depressed and angry that I couldn't even bring myself to get on
    the computer. I'll go ahead and return your money via paypal now.

    I am speechless! I have wanted that bag SO badly. I just listed a bunch of my bags on eBay to help defray some of the cost.
    If what happened to the seller is true, I feel so sorry for him.
    I also feel so sorry for me!
    That makes me feel like a bad person, thinking only of myself.........:s
  2. THAT SUCKS! I'm so sorry that happened.
  3. Well you gotta look at it that's it's better they did this than steal the money!!
  4. Oh MAN, that is TERRIBLE. Don't feel bad for feeling bad - I would too!

    Perhaps I'm being cynical, but don't relax until that money is back in your account.

    Hope this all gets sorted out - let us know what happens!!
  5. I am also a bit nervous about the return. I checked my Paypal account but nothing yet. I will give the seller 24 hrs to refund & then I'm calling my credit card company.

    Another thing, one of the bags I listed on eBay to sell I only listed because I thought I was getting this one. Otherwise, I would not have listed it. It already has a bid.
  6. The refund from the seller just came through, so I am no poorer than I was yesterday *L*, but I lost a bag I have wanted for a long time.
  7. Oh no - sorry to hear about your predicament. Hope the seller gives you back your money soon. Am sure there is a way you can retract the sale of your other bag on eBay. Hope everything works out for you.
  8. Oh no.... =((( You're not a bad person, I would be a bit upset too. At least the seller is honest and refunded your money. You'll find your bag soon, dont lose hope!
  9. That is terrible! But luckily you got a refund. I feel even worse for the seller though, she/he lost over 2450!
    There will be another one for you...
  10. Gosh, that is so bad.
    My cynical side thinks the seller got a better offer :sad: - Sorry, that was just my first thought when I read your thread. I have been bitten by trying to get my HG bag before, and I just know that if I was shipping a bag of that value it wouldnt just be sitting in my car if you knim ;)
  11. yeah, i agree! *HUGS*
  12. i'm sorry that happened to you. thank goodness you got your money back though!
  13. My cynical side thought the same thing, but I try not to assume the worst of people... altough checking his/her feedback for a while would be a good idea ;)

  14. I HAD thought of that too.........
    I guess this is just fate's way of telling me this is not to be.
  15. I'm so sorry to read about what has happened. I'm glad you got your money back and didn't get scammed. It's easy to be cynical but sometimes, like you said, it's not meant to be.
    One will come your way.....I'm sure it will...just not this one! Will keep fingers crossed for you.