I am in search for this Chanel...please help

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  1. Hi All,
    I'm a newbie at this blog. And I need help regarding this Chanel. I recently saw this at the Chanel website under their Spring/Summer 2008 catalog. Then this past weekend I went to the south coast Chanel boutique and I don't see it there and I searched at the Bloomingdales which also carries Chanel and it's not there:hysteric: Can someone tell me is this purse even available in the WEST Coast? Or what is going on??? Have anyone purchase this purse yet??
    I hope you can see the purse, I just posted...bear with me please..:tender:
    Chanel purse.jpg
  2. Hi, it's the part of the new timeless classic collection... no one is really sure what the name is exactly -but some call it the accordian flap.

    There's a thread on it in the shopping thread... lemme get it for you
  3. :flowers:Thanks Janny!!! Yes, this forum is GREAT!!!
  4. OMG... you have to get this bag.... its so classic.
  5. I just brought this bag in black today from Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC. If they don't have it in stock tell them to ship it to your house.
  6. It's a lovely bag and i saw a few pfers got this....and also i saw one in black sellin on eBay.

    I think it shldn't be that difficult to find one since it's a new collection. Hope u can find her soon~
  7. I love that bag. I saw it in black, and it's gorgeous!!
  8. it's a nice bag!
  9. it's so cute in white!
  10. I saw it in Vegas a couple days ago (in white as pictured)... can't recall exactly where but it was either at Wynn or NM... but def available on the west coast. Give both places a call.. gl!
  11. Beautiful bag! I think you'll love it forever and ever!
  12. hi there,

    I saw this bag in the chanel boutique yesterday but I'm from Singapore....:smile: not sure if they do shipping to other places.....
  13. I saw this bag in Neiman Marcus today. it's the Neiman Marcus in stanford shopping center. they have a trunk show today and tomorrow, and there is a show of new handbag collection. :smile: lots to see!

    btw... I got a small 2.55 dark white... i'm so in love with it. :heart:
  14. They have it at the NM here in San Antonio it is awesome. Ask for the Chanel specialist. 210-558-8000