I am in NYC, does any of the macys' have the transport gioco or scuola?

  1. I live in nyc and i have the transporto zucca already. However, I want to get the transporto either in gioco or scuola. Does herald square, staten island mall, or any other macys in Nyc have the bags? I am also beginning to regret I didn't buy the small bag that everyone bought before I could get to it. wahhs. Also which one is better for transporto scuola or gioco? :supacool: thanks
  2. check bloomie's too
  3. Also check Lord & Taylor
  4. i saw trasporto scuola at bloomies in soho and gioco out at bloomies in westbury 2 weeks ago.
  5. I was at the SI Macy's last week, and they had a sculola, and I think a gioco. I'm going again today with my friend, so I'll check again for you!

    I would personally go with a gioco, but that's because I don't like backpacks.
  6. I just want to let you know that I wasn't able to go to the SI Mall Macy's today (we wound up hanging out in Hot Topic instead), but I'm pretty sure that they still have the scuola and probably the gioco!
  7. I think I saw quite a few trasporto giocos at Macy's Herald Square the last time I was there ... like 2 weeks ago. Since they have stock on the first and fourth floors I think you stand a pretty good chance of finding one. I think maybe I saw scuolas too.
  8. My aunt just went to Herald Square yesterday and saw a Trasporto Gioco.

  9. Hey thanks! How do you know that i live in staten island? haha! Yea, I went yesterday and saw two scuola backpacks and one gioco. Hope the gioco is still there and in good condition because I didn't have enough money to get it at that time. Gonna go back hopefully.
  10. Thanks everyone! Yea, the first floor lesportsac is much cleaner with the new bags in herald square. I think i saw a bunch of bags. I also returned my tutti stellina because white gets dirty alot. Hopefully i'll get my gioco soon.
  11. You're welcome! Lmao, that's too funny, what part do you live in; I'm in New Dorp! That gioco has been there for awhile, so hopefully it'll still be there for you.

  12. LOL!!! I know right, Gioco has been there for a long time! Gosh I wished I got it just went it came out, now it seems like people all around have either touched it or did something to it! LoL! I live in Mariner's Harbor, yea sucky area! but the housing is cheaper. :smile:
  13. I know, I picked it up and tried it on, lol. Oh, that's cool, its nice to know that there are other Toki lovers here (my friend has a pirata bag)!
  14. haha yup!