I am in NEED to a Jaune or Violet MU...anyone know ANYTHING?!

  1. :graucho:

    I just started to get into Balenciaga, and I currently have a Vert D'eau RH City as well as my Plomb Money wallet and EB RH City (both on their way), but I feel like I need a makeup bag to complete my collection and then I'll have my fix for a little while :p

    I really want a bright color and since I already have an EB city, I don't really want another EB. I don't want something pink, or green. So I thought I should vary in colors and the other color groups are a yellow, or a purple. So I'm on the hunt for a Jaune or a Violet MU. If you know ANYTHING could you please let me know :smile: thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cult Status in Perth Australia has beautiful Jaune MU though it's very pricey in comparo to US RRP..
  3. I would be all over it but it looks a tad bit dirty :s
    But thank you guys so much! Keep your eyes pealed please!!!
  4. purple- there a juane MU @ Barneys beverly hills...i ordered mine yesterday and they said they still have one left....ask for audrey...she's the best!! i'll be getting mine on wed :p
  5. AHHHHH shoot haha. God I'm so broke right now...but maybe I'll give them a call. THANK YOU!
  6. very welcome!! you should get before its GONE :graucho: i think its totally worth it since they are so hard to find!!
  7. Damn it I don't think I'm gonna get it...I REALLY want it but I don't think I NEED it...plus I'm 19 and just bought my VD City Plomb Money and EB City within the past week HAHA my parents only know about the VD...and my mom was like "It goes IN your purse...if it was a bag, I could understand...but seriously"...aka she'd be pissed if I bought it. AND SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE OTHER $1700 GONE FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT! Haha I wish I could, but maybe I'll run into another one later or find another color in fall I like. I'm going to Italy this summer so I really need to save my money. Who knows, I'll be in the place that makes them! Maybe I'll find something over there!! Thank you so much for helping me, though!! They even had one in Seattle (where I'm from) so it KILLED me that I couldn't get it! Besides saving for my travels, I need to save up for fall/winter colors haha.