i am in NEED of a BABY BLUE aka Blue jean aka sky blue paddy!!!!!

  1. hello everyone!! i live in Canada and unfortunately this colour never came here!! ( to where i live ) i realllly love the colour and have been tempted to buy whiskey paddy/ white paddy/ metallic paddy but i just couldnt! i have been waiting for this and it seems like i have no chance :shrugs: i really need some help! please!!
  2. Are you looking for blue moyen or mousse? Silver or gold hardware?
  3. hi, i am looking for a blue moyen and i dont mind about the hardware! thank you!
  4. There was just a blue jeans on eBay, it may be closed so search there too and maybe you can make an offer. The seller, I believe was in France.
  5. It WAS in the authenticate thread. Check back a week or so. From what I recall, it was given the thumbs up for authenticity, the only red flags were the Sellers low feedback (numbers, not %) and no Paypal?

    Like I say, check the thread yourself. Have only just got up and need more cups of tea to clear my foggy brain :sad:
  6. This was a gorgeous bag at a phenominal price--just protect yourself as best you can, pay by paypal, tell the seller you are sure the bag is authentic, but if a problem was found, what recourse would you have with her, have the bag insured since its coming over seas, I think I paid $80 global express for a bag from Austraila but it was worth it and I didn't have to pay tax or customs. Please let us know if you have any luck. I love this bag and almost thought about buying a 2nd (which would have really been crazy)
  7. thank you sooo much you guys!! i went to the link you have provided and it seems like i just couldnt contact the seller ! =( some kinda of eBay protection i guess and yes i agree it is beautiful! thank you again!
  8. If you want to send me your email I will try to contact the seller and get her email and you guys can talk. I'm suprised normally I can use the ask a seller a question or contact seller and get through even if the item is closed.
  9. Pure Honey, I just sent her a message via email and explained the situation. I told her if she was interested to send me her email and I would forward to you.
  10. Thank you ReRe,
    yes i sent her messages before but eBay said they would have to block it for a security reason because i guess they were afraid i would do an outside of ebay transaction.
    Thank you sooooo much for your help!! you are so kind hopefully the seller will contact me back thank you again i will let you know once the seller has contacted me =)
  11. Any news?
  12. Ebay have now stopped all correspondance on listings that have finished :sad:

    Its a shame they are not so viligent on all the other aspects isnt it :rolleyes: . I guess the only way to get in touch was if somebody who contacted her while the listing was active, got her email address :smile:
  13. Unless she has other items for sale? Could contact her through those listings...? :shrugs:
  14. i have not heard back from her awww =( but i guess i can wait for a new one to pop ( who knows how long!)
    thanks girls!