I am in mourning...

  1. I took back Mahina yesterday. My usual SA did the return and she said the weird leather would have bothered her too. I'm not going to push my luck by trying to get the very last black XL transferred in, as I have a feeling it would have abnormalities too. I'm hoping that someday soon, more black XLs will be sent to the boutiques. I know Mahina is LE but the SA at 866 said something about there maybe being more available in the near future. But for now, I'm in mourning. Such a beautiful, perfect bag. Anyone else ever let their dream bag go?
  2. oh no what was wrong I missed it can you direct me in the way of the thread

    I had to return the corsaire last year because of faults and almost my miroir speedy
  3. Hugs :heart: I did have to return my Suhali L'Ingenieux, so I totally understand how you feel :heart: There should have more choices for Mahina comes this March :heart:
  4. There was a leather problem - the leather in the front had vertical lines running down the front and the perforations were very faint in front. My thread was called 'To all Mahina noir owners - leather Q'. I remember about your Corsaire and how sad you were, hugs.
  5. I heard from my SA that the black mahina is now part of the permanent collection, only the gris is limited

  6. oh no that isn't good as much as it may not feel like it you made the right decision hopefully you'll be able to pick up another one in perfect condition
  7. Jelly--I am so sorry. I really hope that you are able to secure a perfect pristine XL in the near future.
  8. Thanks everyone! :heart:I put myself on a WL for the black and I may look at the white and bronze, but I really want black. I guess that is the problem with LEs - there are only so many to choose from.
  9. I can understand your feeling. It is dissapointing, but I had to return my Tivoli PM b/c of quality issue But you can always keep looking. Mahina seems so popular, they definitely will make more.
  10. oh no! ::hugs:: I've had to let my dream bag go many times, so I know how you feel. I hope you get one soon! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  11. So sorry, hope you can find one that does not have the imperfections. Know 2 stores in my area have them on display
  12. Ohhh I think you really did the right thing...
    you'll be more happy when you find a perfect one!!!:tup:
  13. awww sorry Jellybebe :sad: *hugs* I know that was a very tough decision..don't worry if it's meant to be...it is meant to be!
  14. Yes that is what I figured. Maybe someday a perfect black XL will unexpectedly come my way!
  15. Oh no! It's too bad that you had to let your dream bag go for now, but you really did make the right decision. For the amount of money you paid for that gorgeous bag, it should be in total pristine condition! I hope you get another black one real soon!!