I am in love!!! ...


Nov 5, 2015
Some of you may know I have been after a regular oak alexa for as long as I can remember. Well I managed to get one from Somerset at 30% off and I was bursting with excitement, until it arrived. It was, for me, like getting to your wedding day and then having doubts. Honestly only you lot would get this comparison. Was I ready to spend my like with this Alexa? I had a nagging doubt. I posted my doubts here, posted a pic and got reassurance but in afraid she had to go back.

So, lots of research on here, YouTube etc I decided on an oak sbs. She had her debut today and I absolutely love her!! I spent ages rubbing colonil gel in yesterday and this morning finished with waterstop spray. Off out we went, she's lovely. She sits in my car neatly on the console and I love it!! The leather smell, lovely. Might have to get long locked purse 😝


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May 3, 2015
I kept using this bag since I bought it in September! Will now move to one of my new Lexie.. But still, I love it! Even thinking to get an oak one like yours in the future..
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