i am in love~

  1. oooh! look what i found on the aloharag website! this is sooo cute~:yes:

    aloharag calls it the loaf edith and lvr calls it the box edith.

    what do you ladies think?
  2. ahhh it reminds me of my very first school bag :biggrin:

    I think its a cutie :smile:
  3. heehee. I like the shape. It reminds me of the speedy. which i really like but never got because EVERYONE has it.
  4. That is SUPER cute! How big is it?
  5. It's supposed to be 22cm tall, 13 cm across and 30 cm wide according to LVR. I think i'm going to get the one in chocolate from Aloharag. EXCITED!!! :yahoo:

    hmm. are these the same color though? on the LVR site they call it Brun and on the Aloharag website they call it Chocolate. eeks! HELP!
    6as439edslfchoca.jpg 0015.JPG
  6. I think they are the same color? Someone here can clarify for you I am sure. I am excited for you! Please post photos of her when you get her. I'd be particularly interested in seeing photos of you carrying her.
  7. i'll post them when i get her...

    now i can't decide. should i get the whiskey? i like the brun/chocolate. HELP!! heehee :smile:
  8. I vote for the chocolat :yes:

    Or both!!

  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:i bought it! i bought the chocolate! now waiting for it to ship....
  10. Oh! Congratulations on ordering that style in the choco color. It looks very similar to the one pocket satchel Balenciaga put out last fall which was very cute. Can't wait to see your pics! :smile:
  12. Congratulations! That bag is darling, be sure to post pics when it arrives.
  13. Wasn't sure I liked it until I saw this angle:

    It is super cute!
  14. :yahoo:me too.

    i'm set to get it in a couple of days. can't wait! :wlae: