I am in love

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  1. :love::love:IDK why but I am in love with the Juliette Metallic Hobo!!! What do you guys think???

  2. I think its cute! GET IT!!! LOL :lol:
  3. I think it is stunning! I would be all over it except that price tag - ouch!
  4. I would like it if it were not the Thompson hobo style. I have the regular hobo in toffee, and I'm not that crazy about it. It's HUGE and doesn't really slouch the way I thought it would. I much prefer the Elisa and Felicia as far as the bigger bags go, but I do love the leather on these Thompson bags.

    I would never be able to pull off the metallic in this large of a bag, but I do like the woven metallic leather. I also think it's a bit overpriced too, especially for a metallic bag that is probably not going to hold up as well as a straight leather bag over time. After just a few uses, I can already see a small wear place on the back of my metallic Bridgit around the coin purse. THis is a somewhat distressed looking metallic bag (so it doesn't show nearly as bad as some of the heavier metallics).
  5. I agree about the pricing!! I don't think I could talk the DH into getting it. We'll see! I am still in Love though
  6. I am loving the metallics lately...that one is way cute, but I've never seen it IRL and would have to deflect my opinion to baglady39's. That price would make me think about it extra hard, too.
  7. I haven't seen it yet IRL, but from the pics, it looks fabulous! If only it were a little less $$$!
  8. I think it is gorgeous.. I love it. I love the metallic color. I have not seen it IRL but from the pic I Love it already.
  9. It's a cute shape. If it doesn't slouch though I don't think it would be half as cute. Baglady39's comments would certainly make me think twice. :hrmm:
  10. oh my! why is it that price??
  11. IT looks pretty but I can't be sold until I see it on a shoulder!
  12. I did see it IRL. It's an amazing and beautiful statement bag, it's a pearlized silver color and quite large 16x16x 1-1/2 it doesn't slouch (certainly not like a Carly), it snakes or s-shapes vertically across the zipper, unless you fill it up. all the woven leather has unfinished edging and the leather does fray a bit.
  13. It's the Thompson line (not like keepin' up with the jones' (no offense anyone). It's a lot of metallic leather . . .
  14. I heartily agree! She's gorgeous....... but (even tho I hate to admit it) if I had $1,100 to drop on one bag I'd buy a Balenciaga Day.
  15. Much as I love the Thompson hobo design, I'm not really a fan of this one. I don't like the basket weave design. I think I'd like it better in a plain metallic leather-but something more understated like the Bridget or the Lily rather than marbled like the metallic Carly. (not that I've seen these irl, just going on pics and comments here).

    Also, there is that hefty price tag, ugh!