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  1. oh my gosh! I've never even heard of these, but cupcakes are my favourite!!! They look soooo good!!!
  2. I heard about them on Oprah, but they don't ship anywhere, but in the area. So if you live in Cali, have fun with them.
  3. I am drooling..
  4. Oh Sekmeht, I have tried them and they delicious!!!!!!!! I love them!
  5. I LOVE them too!!! Try the red velvet one if you do go! Oh and just take the plunge and get the 6 cupcake deal because you're gonna wish you had some the next morning!
  6. uh...i LOVEEEE them!!!!especially the chocolate milk cupcake..slurrppp..lol

    sadly I just can eat them when I go to LA>.< hope they open soon in bay area...
  7. ok your Sprinkles look so much better than Seattle's version of Sprinkles (CupcakeRoyale/CafeVerite). You are so incredibly lucky!
  8. What is wrong with you people...bringing up cupcakes...when a cupcake addict like myself can't access any cupcakes at all!! I am so...sad right now...I want Sprinkles!!!
  9. i love love love sprinkles cupcakes! my bf's firm is a block from sprinkles and i make him pick up some cupcakes for me every week. i can't get enough of them.
  10. Around the corner from my apartment is The Cupcake Shoppe.

    I always wanted to try Magnolia Bakery in New York City!

    (And when I was last in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the cafeteria has really great chocolate cream filled cupcakes!)
  11. Their website states they are expanding soon to the following cities:

    Dallas (yay, I live there!)
    Las Vegas
    SF/Bay area

    you can also vote where you would like to see a location.
  12. O wow! Thanks for the link...I'll be getting some soon! Yummmm

    O wait..I read ^ that wrong. I thought there was one in the Bay Area but I guess not! :[
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