I am IN LOVE with VB's dress!!!

  1. :nuts: :love:

    VB Golden Globes.jpg

    VB Golden Globes 1.jpg
  2. Oh super chic!!! Really love it but don't like how 'the girls' sit in it:smile:
  3. Yeah she looked Fabulous this night, I think its custom Roberto Cavalli, thats what I heard anyway! Totally gorgeous, her figure looks amazing!
  4. I heard the same! And also heard that it's $12,000!! :shocked:
  5. How hot does she look!! :nuts: :love:
  6. That dress is gorgeous!!
  7. She looks amazing and its a gorgeous dress it definitely looks like Cavalli!!
  8. The look on her face in the top pic is interesting. Not many women can wear that dress.
  9. I think she looked stunning! The dress is really pretty!

  10. Wow..no wonder!! nice tan..the dress looks great on her..
  11. OMG It's soooo hot!!
  12. OMG I lOVE IT!! her legs look amazing as always..but i agree..the boobs are weird.
    maybe now that she lives in LA she'll pay a visit to Dr. 90210!!
  13. That dress is amazing and despite being a big VB fan, I'm sure someone else could wear it better her bizarre boobs make it a bit too weird.
    It might be just me, but I'm so over that haircut now. She always looks the same with that hair and her sunglasses. She is always touching her hair or face and it drives me crazy!! To look stunning I think you also have to look somewhat comfortable in yourself and she doesn't!

    *apologises for rant*
  14. That incredible dress! Those shoes!:nuts:
    And the jewels-look at the bracelets alone. Are those on loan or are these hers?
  15. That thing is HOT!!! :drool:

    I love her expression on the first pic... :lol: