I am in *love* with this bag

  1. where can i find tano bags for less thankyou
  2. thankyou :smile: but they dont seem to have the bag that i am looking for :sad:
  3. That bag is gorgeous!
  4. Good luck. It seems that there are so many styles of Tano and each store only has a few. Makes it a pain to find anything specific.
  5. Thankyou..it looks sooo good in that pic:yes: I love this one too :nuts: [​IMG]
  6. uh thanks for the tip..i am going to look for this, the next time i go to NYC
  7. heeeeeeeeyyy, that's a pretty cool bag. where did you find out about them?
  8. that is so true...i searched through all my listings: Grechens Closet - Tano
    and couldn't find either of the bags you're looking for, there are so many nice styles!

    good luck!
  9. The first bag, the Nip & Tuck, was available on lunaboston a few months ago, obviously sold out now. As grechenscloset has mentioned, there are so many other lovely Tano bags available - the "Lost Art" bag looks a little similar to the bag you like, I think.

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price
  10. right now is limbo for those of us wanting tano bags - the current styles are almost all sold out, and as far as i know, they haven't yet released the new styles and colors. musthavebag.com is the only authorized seller of tano bags, and if you're looking for something specific, send them an e-mail. they can tell you if the style and color combo is completely sold out from the manufacturer.

    i tried my best to hunt down a horse's mouth bag in military green, but apparently i was chasing a purple unicorn.

    hang in there! we should see the new styles/colors soon.
  11. I would google if I were you. I tried that last night and came up with a lot of little websites that carry Tano. Pain in the butt but you might stumble upon something.
  12. wow! gorgeous bags.... the leather is pretty
  13. thankyou for all your help.