I am in love with these shoes

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  1. Has anyone seen or tried these on?
  2. Sorry I can't help but those are nice!
  3. Sorry double post!
  4. I have tried them on and I needed a 1/2 size bigger as they are a little narrow IMO. They are very comfy though. I am getting them in the gunmetal leather
  5. Very cute! Don't know a darn thing about 'em but I like them!:tup:
  6. nope havnt tried them on, but i say GO FOR THEM! they are crazy hot....and i feel like the crystal lines going to be EXTRA hot because of the recent pantent phase we are experiencing!
  7. Very cute!
  8. they look comfy :smile:
  9. very cute. I have wide feet so no gucci shoes for my fat feet
  10. I tried them and loved them!!! I have really narrow feet and the zie I ordered was too large :sad:. I returned them to get the smaller size but I haven't received a call yet from my SA. I love the way they look and would totally suggest getting them.
  11. I have fat feet too :tdown:, hopefully my Gucci store will have them so I can try them on, thanks ladies