I am in love with these shoes.

  1. [​IMG]
    Hows the quality of MJ shoes?
    Do they last long? Everytime I see these, I want them more and more :sad: lol
  2. Those are very cute! Are they MbMJ or MJ Collection?
  3. Those are really cute.
  4. MbMJ, what is the main difference between MJ and MbMJ anyways? thanks :smile: I think I'll probably buy these shoes if I can get a US'er to get them for me, not sure when they'll be out here. I think they'd be perfect with a LBD, which I want really badly too lol
  5. They are really beautiful! I am not a high-heels person (3" is SUPER high for me!) and always drool over so many shoes that I just wouldn't wear.

    Let us know if you get them!!!!
  6. MBMJ tends to be directed toward a younger market, so it's a bit trendier. MJ is the more classic line, so it appeals to all ages, and the quality is probably much better, considering the difference in price.
  7. Those are great! Where did you see them? I'm going to a special birthday party this weekend and they are just what I need.
  8. Thanks a lot!! I just followed your link! I'm going to wear black slacks, a white silk scoop neck top and a pale blue suede jacket. I'm getting my new LV Epi Segur in black too to go with this outfit. These shoes will completey finish my outfit!!!! Thanks so much!:yes:
  9. Oh those shoes are super cute... I kinda wish they came in red:shrugs: :love:
    They would go really well with the Kingpin tote!
  10. I have a pair of Marc Jacobs Collection shoes and a pair of M by MJ shoes. The M by MJ shoes are REALLY beautiful; they're the pale pink butterfly heels from a few years back.


    They're pretty damn uncomfortable. :lol: They're a nice quality, they've held up pretty well (I've only worn them to weddings/mitzvot and I've danced a lot in them).

    The Marc Jacobs Collection shoes are black patent maryjanes, and they're a bit more comfortable, but I think it's only because of the cut of the shoe:


    Oy, sorry for the HORRIBLE photos; these were taken with my old camera phone.

    In any case, I don't see a huge difference in the quality of the two shoes. They're both nice shoes. I have nicer...the quality of Choos are much higher than any MJ shoes, IMO.

    BUT...they're beautiful, and I love them, and his styles are great.

    I love those shoes you picked out! I'd definitely buy them, I think they're a pretty twist on a classic shoe. I can't promise they'll be comfortable, but I think the quality of his shoes is pretty good. HTH!
  11. I have only one pair of marc jacobs shoes and they are pretty comfortable. Not sure with the patent leather though, they can get too hard and uncomfortable :smile:
  12. I have a similar pair and they are uncomfortable. They arent for walking long distances or good for bar hoping. I think this could be easily remedied by some padded inserts. I get LOADS of compliments so I wouldnt trade them for the world.
  13. Yeah, the patent on my maryjanes is a bit stiff...I"d stick to the silk or kid leather.