I am in love with the QUEEN

    I went into Gucci and tried on this bag in the larger size (i think the pic below is of the smaller). It is quite big and the gold bow is CHUNKY... as long as my hand.
    I REALLY love this bag and am wondering what you ladies think of the Queen??
    Is the gold bow just way too big....? I am Italian and wear alot of gold so I think I can get away with it - but i never imagined it would be so big.
    Thoughts? Opinions?
    Anyone own one or seen it in a boutique aswell??

  2. ooohhh no sorry about the size of that pic.... didn't realise I posted the whole thing!
  3. I am madly inlove with the queen.:drool:
    The white is also very stylish and so diff from normal gucci designs.
  4. That is really cute. :heart:
  5. i loveeee the queen too but have yet to see it IRL! i'm a bit disappointed to hear that the bow is so huge though....size of your hand?! *sigh* I was really looking forward to getting the bigger size, now I'll have to wait!
  6. hehe yes it is huge (ok my hands are small but it is bigger than you would expect)!!
    It's CHUNKY...
  7. this bag is soo cute, but i have not seen it in person. i can only imagine that the silver guccissima one is gorgeous in real life
  8. i wish it came in white trim... :biggrin:
  9. this bag is adorable i was eye-ing it as well. let us know what it looks like when you see it IRL.
  10. I brought this bag the other week, its massive but great for stuffing all my kids bits in! Although the metal bow sticks out slightly and I have scratched it already!!!
  11. I loove this bag too, so theres 2 different sizes for this bag? I only saw it on gucci.com and they dont mention the size at all so I thought its only 1 size

    and is it possible for you to post modelling pics designermummy =)
  12. oooo:huh:O, i wanna see pics designermummy, pretty please :smile:
  13. i love the gold one... its so pretty..
  14. Love the bow, but is it comfy to wear?
  15. so pretty!!!!LOVES!