I am IN LOVE with my new Chanel purse!!!!

  1. I just got this today. I could not believe how soft and smooth the lambskin is on this bag. And I love the chain straps. The bag hangs so beautifully. I just :heart: Chanel! Here are some pics of my new bag! So happy!!!!




  2. Sorry about the dirty mirror! Must do some cleaning soon!
  3. ahhh, the ultimate soft is PERFECT on you!!!!! congrats!!
  4. great bag. congrats!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!Looks great on you:heart:H
  6. :nuts: She's beautiful. Congrats!
  7. love it!!!!!!!
  8. I love your new bag!!!! Great choice!
  9. Wow! That's gorgeous. Looks great on you too!
  10. beautiful
  11. Absolutely stunning!! I love how it slouches!
  12. Beautiful. Enjoy it.
  13. I love it. Looks soooo soft. Congrats.
  14. Congrats!! It's gorgeous...:love:
  15. love the ultimate soft! would you mind telling me how much it costs?