I am in love with LV again..


Sep 10, 2006
I bought my first LV about 4 years ago (Papillon 30 and snapped billfold wallet) then about 3 years ago I bought a speedy 25 and sold everything about a year ago..I have bought soooooooooooooooooooooo many other brands including Balenciaga which I just sold the last of today because I missed LV so much and regret selling everything. I fell out of love w/ LV the last two years and then I saw a gal carrying a mongram speedy and had to buy one again, this time a 30. Well I placed my order w/ LV in San Francisco (Union Square) on Thursday thinking I would get it either yesterday or Monday, well I opened the front door today (Sunday) and there it was!! Sunday Fed Ex delivery, I am in love..ohh and I got the pochette wallet and cles too!! I couldn't be happier!! Thanks for letting me ramble:yahoo::yahoo: