I am in *LOVE*!!! Wanna see MISS 07 ATHRA?????

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  1. LADIES!!!!!!!!

    I am in deep love!!!!!!

    I managed to score a 2007 Athra GGH city!!!!

    This color, and leather is amazing!!! I can't believe how much this color changes in every light! It changes from gray, to green, to blue!!! The color is TDF!!!!

    The 07 leather is totally amazing, it's so soft, and veiny! And the 07 Athracite is a beautiful gray leather with both blue and green tones in it. It's truly one of the most amazing B Bags I have ever seen! What an amazing bag to get as my second B bag!!!! I am hooked for sure!
    Oh and I love the GGH! Just stunning!

    Without further ado.....photos! I hope you ladies like!!!!!!

  2. Is this that one that was on bonanazle?

    Or rather: where did you find such a beauty? Congrats to you.
  3. LOL, Dear RERE, I was just about to ask the same question!!:roflmfao:

    Congrats Juliarose!!! She's TDF!
  4. LOL Thanks guys! I actually bought this bag from a friend who was selling hers!!!
  5. Gorgeous! I love the green tones in 07 Anthra. Enjoy your new City!
  6. I was lucky enough to see the photos before they were posted and just about DIED! OMG, this is the best find ever!! I think we need to see modeling shots of the two of you together, don't ya think? :biggrin:
  7. HAHA Yes Roey!!!! I emailed her pics last week! My computer was dead, and I just got it back, so I was FINALLY able to post pics to the forum!!! I will post a ton of more photos, plus modeling shots tomorrow!!! I need to try to take pics that capture the true color of this bag. It's really not gray at all, it's more blue/green then anything!!!
  8. Wow... 07 anthra can look greenish under yellow lights.
    how cool!
  9. Hey RED! YES, it totally looks like a green bag in certain lights, it's crazy! Even in daylight, it looks more green then anything!
  10. Congrats, Julierose! Great score!
  11. GGH!!!!!!!! :drool: Congrats!!
  12. congrats :tup:
    GGH + black or Anthra :heart:
  13. GORGEOUS!!! 07 Anthra has very nice teal undertones, CONGRATS!!!
  14. :drool::nuts:

    So gorgeous! I'm waiting on an 07 Anthra GGH PT. Should be here today and I'm so happy seeing your pictures because I'm loooooving the color. I haven't seen it IRL so I hope I love it!
  15. Gorgeous!!