I am in LOVE :)) She is red and goldy...

  1. Girls !
    Help me to found the love of my closet :smile:)!!! Pleaseeee!:heart:
    I think I am nuts, I see this bags in dreams :yes:
    Where can I get one in lipstick red ?
    eBay have only fakes, stores don't have one.:sos: Give me some hints !
    nicole-richie-red-chanel-purse.jpg nicole-richie-red-chanel-purse2.jpg
  2. there is only one place to find this, that is eBay...i saw this one sold 4 mths back on eBay for $3250

    Btw, it's a vintage red lambskin double flap jumbo with gold h/w, it's definitely hard to come by esp red flaps. There are many pfers are still hunting for a red flap and still no luck.

    GL in ur search!
  3. Sorry to dissapoint you :girlsigh:but it's a vintage one and I did think too e-bay was the only solution-although I usually don't trust it either!- :nogood:
    I do hope you find a real one or Chanel releases this colour and style again!:yes:
  4. thank you!
    I saw some of the PFer bag, cant remember her name , but I remember the bag:sad: -
    where can I get this one ?:crybaby:
  5. berkeley this is mine hehe!
    Double sorry for the double dissapointment:it was a LE colour back in Spring,
    the chains are called the bijoux or new chain(s) and they came with other leather colours too as well as in e/w and jumbo sizes-the smaller and larger versions respectively but both without double flaps!
    Mine is the med/large which has a double flap just llike the NR's vintage one
    FYI the colour is not that light red as the vintage one but more like wine red I'd say...
    there will be red bags in the reissue ligne (2.55 with chains and the mademoiselle suare lock instead of the CC lock): I heard of a light and a dark probably metallic red from End of January -March! I hope you like the style and I think that Chanel does perfect with red no matter shade!:yes:
  6. I think the hunt is part of the fun, good luck!
  7. That bag Nicole is holding is actually my ULTIMATE Chanel bag.
    I can honestly say (for now) if I had that bag my bag collection (it doesnt even count as a collection) would end. It's so beautiful.
    (Nicole holding that bag is my computer background... mixes my two loves: Nicole Richie whose style I admire and try to mirror and Red Chanel)
  8. Red is gone unless you want to shop on eBay. Several of us wanted the bags and Chanel is sold out.

    There is a red 2.55 coming out for ss08 but until then, I think that's it short of eBay...
  9. a red one just sold on ebay for $3k
  10. Thank you girls!!!
  11. it's such a gorgeous bag... so sad that it's close to impossible to find one. :sad:
  12. BEAUTIFUL! Good luck in your search!
  13. I was told there was one in Tokyo Japan for about $3400, for those in desperate need.