I am in love! My bourbon Jillian is here!

  1. You've all seen the bourbon jillian before, but here's mine! I love this bag! It is just perfect in every possible way!
  2. Gorgeous! Enjoy it!
  3. You guys are making me jealous! I am also waiting for the Charlie and Jillian. Maybe mine will be here soon. Both of your bags are lovely. And I hope my Jillian looks as good.
  4. Gorgeous is right! Nice photo you took of it too!
  5. You are right, the Jillian in bourbon IS the perfect bag. I have been carrying mine for about a week now and wonder why I didn't get it sooner.

  6. Isn't she *fabulous*? I adore my Jillian; the texture and color of the leather are divine. It also holds a surprising amount once the leather begins to relax and break in.

    I've had mine a couple of months and it's still in the top three of my bag 'rotation'.

    Glad you love the Jillian and congrats! :yahoo:
  7. I'm sooooo jealous! Darn it, all! That is a great color, really! Congrats!
  8. Thanks all! I just keep looking at it and admiring it. I adore every single thing about it. I especially love the soft interior lining. It just feels like such a luxe bag. I keep thinking about all of those $800-1300 Balenciagas that I bought (and sold) and I was never as completely satisfied with any of them as I am with this Jillian. This is my first Kooba, but it won't be my last!
  9. LoriB....I think the Jillian is truly one of the best bags Kooba came out with! It's just soo sexy in every color, but the bourbon is my all time favorite color. You took a great picture to show the true color of it.
  10. That's a beauty--congrats!!
  11. Wow, Wow and Wow! What more can I say? That bag is simply gorgeous and wonderful to hear it surpasses the Balenciagas you had. Your Jillian looks FAB! I can't wait to see mine in August or September (when my pal brings it back to the Middle East for me). Yippee for Jillians and the happiness they're bringing. :yahoo:
  12. I agree....The Bourbon is the bomb! I was looking at the NM site and saw the Jessie in Bourbon and almost had a little setback. I have to control myself though. I already have a Raisin and Java in the Jessie and now a Bourbon and Black Jillian. I can't have all the colors.

    Somehow the fervor over the Old Kooba bags I think is displaced aggression over the lack of Awe seen in the Fall bags. I'm kinda pleased in the financial way. My CC was going to be hurting if the Fall bags were awesome.
  13. Lexie, I couldn't agree with you more. The Fall bags are not hitting the spot, but the older styles are driving me crazy.
  14. congrats!! :biggrin:
  15. I agree too. Maybe we'll all change our mind when we see some of the new Fall line irl. (Though my credit card hopes not.)