I am in LOVE! Jessica Simpson Ceasar Wedge/Heels <3

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  1. I don't remember where and when I first saw them, but it was love at first sight between me and Jessica Simpson's Ceasar shoe in liquid foil (silver metallic).

    They actually cost a lot more in Canada than in the US (They cost $115 CAD here and I think $70 US in the US) so I just couldn't justify paying almost $50 more than the US price. I debated buying online but after duties and taxes it may even end up to being more than if I were to just buy them here.

    Then...yesterday I was looking at shoebuy.com, and found a coupon code on retailmenot.com. It's for 20% off and free shipping (within the States only though) PLUS if you registered an account with them, you get an additional member discount of 10% off that purchase, and 10% off of another purchase within 60 days of your first.

    So I took the plunge and ordered BOTH the liquid foil that I fell in love with in the first place as well as the liquid sable (gold) because I've been looking for a nice pair of metally SHINY gold (not matte gold, not pale gold)

    I couldn't resist! I don't know how much duties will cost (DHL is delivering my shoes so I am a little relieved...if they use UPS I would cancel the order right away) BUT with shipping and after discounts, I paid only $109!! :nuts:

    If I were to buy them Canda I would've had to pay over $240 CAD after tax for both pairs so essentially I'm getting one pair for free!! Plus the gold is almost impossible to find and they ran out of my size in the silver. I tried the black patent ones in my size and they run true to size and are SUPER COMFY!

    I can't wait to receive them!! Let's hope DHL doesn't kill me with customs/duties now :sweatdrop:

    I'm attaching pics:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now I'm tempted to order the black patent and mac patent too, but isn't it a little crazy to own the same pair of shoes in four different colours? :P And I have many pairs of black shoes already and I rarely wear red shoes...The red patent is gorgeous though, I saw them IRL and really wanted to buy them but silver was my first love.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These also come in "Blue Nile Synthetic":

  2. I just saw the hot pink version of these at Macy's and I think they're quite cute!! And if you really like them why not buy multiples? :tup:
  3. oh I LOVE those!! you will have to report on their comfy-ness!!
  4. I dunno... $70 is insane for Jessica shoes. I don't think I'ever paid more that $25 for her stuff.
  5. ^ I paid $109 for two pairs.

    Not all of us can afford/are willing to spend $500 on shoes, especially for those like me; I am at school most of the time, no point in buying expensive, high-end shoes. :shrugs:

  6. Oh, sorry! I didn't read carefully, I think hundred for two pairs isn't bad at all. I didn't mean to say that you have to spend more, I hate to spend a lot on shoes myself:girlsigh:
  7. Ah I see, thanks for clarifying :smile:
  8. Congratulations! They look just like the Christian Louboutin miminette shoes also that came in silver, black, and gold.
  9. ^ i was just about to say that! i think shoes with that low arch pitch and small wedge heel are sure to be super comfy, at least the miminettes are. hope you enjoy them! btw $100 for 2 pairs is heck of a good deal!
  10. Funny thing is I actually fell in love with the CL Miminettes last year when I saw a PFer post them but they were way out of my budget!! I actually didn't see the connection...
  11. i really like them!
  12. A lot of the JS collection look just like the CL shoes (without the red sole). I know the CL Bruges is another one that looks just like one of her "designs."
  13. Oooh..I REALLY like the red patent ones. But my local TJMaxx and Marshalls always sells Jessica Simpsons shoes so like another poster said I never pay more than $25 for them, lol!
  14. Interesting. At least it's better than buying a pair of fake CLs or knock-offs from a $15 brand I guess!
  15. Better save up your money for some Chanel :graucho::graucho:

    BTW I too love JS shoes, I have a couple of pairs, those wedges are super cute.