I AM IN LOVE!!! I Saw Eugenie IRL

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  1. OMG!!! I went to the Beverly Center LV this evening. This is my perfect wallet. The things I love about it is that your money fits perfect. Unlike most of their other wallets it seems like the bill compartment is very deep and hard to get your money in and out of. Besides the 12 credit card slots inside on the outside under the flap there are 2 more credit card slots. And it has the ID window. And it is just gorgeous!!!! I LOVE the Vachetta piping and the buckle!!!!! :heart: :heart: Now why does it have to cost so much. It is $645.
  2. really?!?! 645 is SUPER CHEAP! see this thread:


    Okie, well according to my calculations (which is not far off from the retail price +/- 5$ usually), the epi one would cost 715$US if the OP in the link posted the correct Euro price, which means that 645$ for the MC one is a really good deal since MC is usually more expensive. Thus I say WOOHOOOOOOO!!!! :biggrin:

    EDIT: hmmm I just saw this thread too and there appears to be conflict between the above link and this link

    are you sure the price for the MC one isn't the mono one like irishpandabear (post 407) quoted?
  3. I can't wait to see this IRL...looks fabulous in pic:woohoo:
  4. :heart: It really does sound like the perfect wallet! :nuts:

  5. $645 was for the Mono. I am not sure how much the MC one was. I did not see it on display so I did not ask. I saw the Epi in the case but did not look at it close up.
  6. Ahhh! my bad sorry. I guess when I read the 'trim' part I was thinking of the MC one lol, I guess you meant the piping:p
  7. Yes, I meant piping. I changed my wording in my original post :graucho: Thanks
  8. i'm looking forward to seeing the eugenie in person too. maybe it's time to visit the Beverly Center LV again. :graucho:
  9. I need to go too Winnie! Wanna meet up?

    Ok....well I don't really need to go but....you know.:graucho:
  10. I saw the Eugenie IRL today too. I totally agree that it's quite pretty, but it's also a bit big.....BUT....it's pretty enough that it can more or less be used on it's own and look like a very pretty and sleek clutch.
  11. I can't wait to see these!!!
  12. Yes, it's gorgeous! I saw the mono and the epi too. But the MC wasn't in the store yet. I'm not a fan of plain mono, but with the clasp and vachetta piping the mono actually looks gorgeous!

    It's slightly taller than a regular zippy I think. I like it cos it has lotsa credit card slots plus zip pocket and it's less bulky than the Alexandra.

    I just can't decide which to get, mono, epi ivoire or black. The epi price point is great! Only very slightly more than the mono. I love the ivoire, but I'm afraid since the wallet will be handled a lot more than bags, the moisture from my hands would ruin the colour on the ivoire :sad:. Black is nice and classic, but just too plain for my tastes.
  13. It looks like a gorgeous wallet!!
  14. WHO WHAT!?!

    Ursula is saying I NEEEEEEED A FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Eugenie :heart:
  15. soo excited to see it IRL!!