I am in love! (Got the Prada Cervo Lux!)

  1. I am in love!!!! My Nordstrom's SA emailed me pics of the prada bags that had come in. Based on the pictures, I didn't have my eye on the Cervo (the one on the left in the pictures). Even at the store, I thought it was too big. But bit my bit it started to grow on me. And I bought it. I wondered if I this was really the right bag... I had my doubts.

    My the time we got home I was in love. It is a yummy squishy soft elegant sexy delish makes me happy bag.

    The following is my adempt to pay homage to the prada:

    My pretty Cervo Lux
    Whether to buy or not was the crux
    I thought and debated,
    Miu Miu or Cervo until my fears abated.

    Out came the credit card,
    it really wasn't that hard
    to spend alotta bucks
    for that sexy Cervo Lux

    But I've been loving it dearly
    This is the bag for me clearly.
  2. wow congrats :yes:
  3. Yummy bag!!!!! I totally admire Prada bags....its so stylish and just so yummmy!!!!

  4. Oh wow....stunning! You need to post your Ode to the Cervo in the Prada forum. :graucho:
  5. GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats!