I am in love and it was love at the first sight...

  1. Just a little introduction to explain the story behind this bag:

    When I saw it for the first time I was speechless and coudn't stop :drool:...but it was smbdy elses love :crybaby:, so I did the only reasonnable thing , I called my SA and reserved the same bag, but since I had had a bid of trouble with their PS departement I asked her to reserve it until my next visit to Paris. (PS had been rather unhelpful and rude...now I did get a call later from the head of the department who apologised big time)

    When I got there the bag was well there but it didn't at all look like my "first love" way less distressed etc :wtf:...you all know how b-bags tend to differ.
    So I ended up not getting it (went a bid shoecrazy instead)

    But I coudn't get this bag out of my mind it became an obsession.
    Now good things come to those who can wait...only two weeks later the original owner who had hardly carried the bag decided to let her go....and now :yahoo:it is all mine.
    Tammi....you're the best!

    I am in love, my pics aren't the best, they are all taken with flash since we have workers in the garden building a pool and I don't want any dust on my baby, and hardly do it justice but I will share anyway......

    Sorry for this flow of words but I had to share.......
    So without further delay here we go:

  2. dont keep us waiting!! revealllll
  3. :whistle::whistle::whistle:
  4. nice dust bag!
  5. Ohhhh, show us more!!!! Please!!!!
  6. DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!! :whistle:

  7. Thanks!

  8. Could it be a little big sparkly something in vert foncé? Or am I totally off? :nuts::graucho:
  9. I can't figure out that next pic at all?! bubblewrap over GH?
  10. What the heck is it? :nuts:
  11. Oh come on with it!
  12. Blingedibling the bells sing...
  13. what the?
  14. That pic reminds me of those mesh Louboutins!
  15. It looks like SGH...