I am in loooove...... new bag.... a little something in Geranium

  1. Ok, I cannot say enough about how much i am in love w/ my XL Heritage Stripe Satchel in Geranium- I will be owning another one in green or white - i am in love! The coated canvas is so awesome and the color just pops - i dont care that is winter in Chicago, i used her today and love it ! She made me smile everytime i looked at her! DH even loved it. I dont have too many signature bags, in fact only 1 i believe, and now this one. She is so nice!!!

    I will post pics shortly.... :yahoo::p:woohoo:
  2. This is the only Heritage bag my boutique didn't have! Share pics please!
  3. Yay!!! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  4. Can't wait to see pics! I am really liking this bag online but can't decide it if is too big!
  5. Ahhh I want to see pics!!
  6. Oh I can't wait to see it either!!! :woohoo:That's the one that's been screaming at me ever since the site was updated! It looks like it might pass for a big bag, on the smaller side of big bags! :p
  7. I just got the mini skinny in geranium and I love the color! Can't wait to see your pics...
  8. CONGRATS!!! Yes it is a GORGEOUS bag and I am thinking about ordering it as well, I got to play/hold the Brown one today but I must have the Red in this since they did not make Pink. My DH and I both love the new PVC line as well, I think they should have done this a long time ago. Cant wait to see your photos, I think this will be my next purchase. ENJOY!!!
  9. Wow I'm SO surprised pursegal that it comes in the geranium... from what I was told at the coach store that i went to on Friday they said it only comes in the red or the white... not the geranium or even brown... hmmmm interesting... was it available at the actual coach store you went to? cuz the store that i went to said it wasn't available in stores and that it was only available to order? well ne ways, to make a long story short, i ordered the XL Heritage satchel in the white... should be getting it on Wed or Thursday this week... will be posting a ton of pics when I get it, i'm SO excited, your right pursegal it is a B-E-A utiful bag! I love the hardware on it... and in case anyone is wondering, IRL it is actually not overly big, which is weird why they named it the XL because its even smaller than a large carly... if you check out the dimensions on the coach website you'll see what i'm talking about, its just the perfect size!:yahoo::heart:
  10. Can't wait to see picss!!!!!!
  11. Red is the color Geranium and Yes it comes in Brown because Dillards had it today and I got to play with her. I am ordering the Red/Geranium soon and you are right its not really XL like I thought it would be, its really a GREAT size and I am a small handbag gal. Cant wait to see photos of yours... :yahoo: CONGRATS!
  12. haha, sorry nutz4purses... for some reason i was thinking geranium was green? ugh.... long night! coach is all i can think about right now! haha:yahoo:
  13. Its Okay... its all I can think about as well and I just got two new bags with acc's :angel:
    Now i am wanting more :nogood: SHAME ON ME
  14. LOL nutz! yeah I gotta slow down on the purse buying... starting to get crazy!! :hysteric:
  15. I do like the Heritage Stripe Satchel alot! I might just get this for the next PCE!