I am in desperate need for help!


Should I....

  1. Keep the reddish colour?

  2. Dye it back to my natural shade?

  3. Try something different? If so, what?

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  1. Hey y'all!!

    Ok so.. a few months ago I got my dark brown/almost black hair dyed a lovely shade of ginger red. My stylist had to bleach my hair a little before actually applying the dye. When my roots started showing, I followed his advice: use 20 vol peroxide mixed with the colour in order to obtain the same shade on the roots. IT DIDN'T WORK!

    Now I have 3 shades on my hair (the ginger red, the dark red and my natural shade). Someone else recommended to use 40 vol peroxide mixed with the dye on the roots and with 20 on the rest so I could get the roots to become lighter. Will this work?? I don't want to look like a leopard any longer!!

    What I want is to keep the ginger red throughout all of the hair, like when he first dyed it.

    There's no chance I can go to my stylist cause it's a long drive, nor can I get another stylist to do it cause I'm broke LOL.

    PLEASE HELP ME!! I enclose pics with and without flash of my ugly hair so y'all can take a better look at it. Please forgive me if it looks a bit messy (a bit? lol). It was tied up all day long.
    bad hair 001.jpg bad hair 004.jpg
  2. OMG,:nuts:
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dilemma! I wish I knew something about hair color to make a suggestion. Please be careful with the peroxides. Maybe you should just go with the different shades for a while, until you can go visit your stylist. I think I read somewhere that red is a difficult color to obtain...or maintain? Not sure which, but I hope someone else is able to help.
  3. Go back to your normal hair, i did it and i love it :smile:
  4. go back to your normal color :yes:
  5. I had a similar thing happen to me when I tried to go red.It is notoriously hard to get right and keep.I had to strip mine out and go blonde. I actually think you would be best to buy a gloss (i.e a semi)in dark brown and cover it that way. You wuld have to keep redoing it but it should even it out.If you wanted a hint of red you could try chestnut which I have at the moment with blonde highlights in the top.Btw is that your Basset? I love them,we have two!!
  6. I would get some demi-permanent color close to your own natural color, and put it on everything but just a few bits around your face.

    That will let you keep some of the red as sort of highlights, and keep your options open with the rest of your hair, because demi-permanent color (thanks to ilikemike for helping me understand what that means) will not lighten your hair, just add color, and that color will slowly fade away after however many shampoos it says on the box (I use Color Gems, but the writing on the box is too small for me to read)

    And if you decide that you don't like the highlights, in any of the shades of red, you can just cover those up next time you apply Color Gems.
  7. Thanks for all your input!! Seems like I'm gonna have to go cover it a little :crybaby: .

    lilackatz: Yup! That's my Basset. His name is Vito, he's about a year and 2 months old and he is one little devil !! How do you get yours not to chew on the most inimaginable things?? These dogs have a great personality but can be awful stubborn at times! I couldn't live without his crazyness tho lol. vbmenu_register("postmenu_2424143", true);
  8. Hi Not as good a picture as yours but I've done my avatar. Barney,Daphne and Lucy(she's the one with her hands full!!) Re the chewing you need to give them plenty of toys that they know are theirs abut not leave them down all the time. Eventually they should realise that the toys are for chewing when they have them and not the furniture. Daphne does still have a thing for doormats though!!

  9. Such beauties!! I can't imagine how you handle all 3 of them LOL!