I am in blue bag heaven but... am I crazy to keep both?

  1. For my birthday I decided to get Rebecca Minkoff's Nikki in Blue from AE. After placing the order, I found the same bag in Royal at RM's own website and fell in love again. Blue is more like a navy color while Royal is a brighter blue. I could not resist so I ordered the one in royal, too. Now they have both arrived, I am actually pondering about keeping both since both colors are very beatiful in their own ways. Blue is understated and goes with everything. It comes with silver hardware. Royal really pops and would make any neutral outfit great. It comes with gold hardware. Here are the photos of them. The leather is wonderful and it slouches in just the right way. Am I crazy to keep both? What do you think?
    RM royal.JPG RM Blue.JPG
  2. What is your wardrobe like?

    I am a conservative dresser, the blue would match in a more elegant mature fashion. The royal would punch up any conservative look, it's eyecatching and likes to make a statement. Tough call, I like how color changes the statement of the wearer. I lean toward the royal tho...
  3. I feel the royal hue is more striking and unusual. It would make a plain outfit pop, whereby the navy one fades into the background.

    I say chose the royal.
  4. I actually prefer the blue, it seems richer and will hold up longer as a classic.
  5. They are both so gorgeous. The royal really pops and is such a fun colour, but the navy is very classy and sophisticated. If you can only keep one, keep the one that makes your heart melt more. :smile:
  6. The royal is a brilliant color, but I really like the combo of the darker blue and the silver hardware. I love dusty blue colors.
  7. I prefer the blue. It is more elegant and subtle, yet still blue. The Royal is a bit too "pop" for my taste. But remember, that's my taste. But I do think to own two blue bags, the same ones...is a bit much. But again, that's just me talking. You asked my opinion, I spoke. Enjoy! And let us know what you decide to do.
  8. I love both blues and they do have different hardware. If you really love this style and can afford it, keep both because they both work differently depending on the occasion and what you're wearing.
  9. I like both of them. Maybe you could keep one and get one of RM's other bags in the other color.
  10. I prefer the royal one to the blue. IMO though I wouldn't keep both bags. They are far too similar and you will probably find something else you love just as much. JMO.
  11. Wow, this is a tough one. I could see a need for each depending on your modd and outfit. I say keep both (if that's feasible). If not I think I'd go with the one on the right...it seems more versatile.
  12. Oh gosh I love them both. Blue is such a great color for a bag in general and goes with so much more than one would think! I do agree with others though that two shades of blue in the same style bag is a bit much. I would go with the navy color myself, it seems more versatile.
  13. I love them both, but I'd go with Navy because you can wear it with more outfits. But gosh that Royal is gorgeous.... :drool:
  14. The Royal Blue is TDF!
  15. They are both great, but I prefer the blue with the silver hardware. Depends on your age and what your daily style is.