I am horrified to ask BUT.....

  1. What exactly is Epi Leather? I can't seem to get excited about it. Why do you all like it? Is it great quality? Thanks!:flowers:
  2. Epi is a thicker, more durable waterproof leather. Because of its pattern (sort of like a fine tree bark print to me), it hides scratches and "dings" very well. Also, it is very structured - even the bucket. I love it.
  3. Epi is more subtle. I like my alma in epi just because it's not too flashy. People can tell where it's from only if they look closer. And it's waterproof too!
  4. I think a lot of people like epi pieces because they are easy to care for and don't scream VUITTON.
  5. ^^ I agree! :yes:
  6. Everything everyone said so far, plus lots of great colors, that rotate.
  7. Not to mention great styling! They look so refined, and emanate class! Especially if you want to go for a very professional look I would recommend epi in BLACK :yes:
  8. ITA that epi is understated- people can definitely tell that it's a REALLY nice bag, but they don't know why! :P

    In one of the other threads, where posters discussed their LVs being stolen, one poster mentioned that the economy isn't as good as it's been in the past and let me tell you, even in NYC, I get some really dirty looks when I use my zipped compact wallet or my petit bucket bag, both of which are mono pieces. But with my epi, I can relax and truly focus on other things rather than worrying about extra safeguarding.

    I am due to purchase a new bag soon and the only reason I hesitate is because I have my eye set on two mono pieces and I don't want to attract too much attention to myself.
  9. in my fav list...epi is second to damier (of course)..it's so simple..classy..!
  10. i like epi in black. but most of my LV pieces are mono.
  11. I love my epi pieces!! I have the zippy organizer and the petite noe and am thinking about getting another one!
  12. I too love my Epi. I only have one piece, the Jasmin in Myrtille, but whenever I take her out people comment. It's subtle, quiet, and classy. Can't wait to get the red Segur in two and a half weeks.
  13. ooh thanks for the info, I was wondering the same thing...

    I think instead of getting damier I might think about epi instead...
  14. me too! i love damier ... then its epi.. lol.
    but its just epi black.
  15. I must say that my black epi speedy is quickly becoming my fav bag:smile:

    Like other posters mentioned, it is very subtle yet still elegant:smile: