I am horrified! re: Bluefly and my Coach bag purchase

  1. I don't know what to do!! I got a letter in the mail today from bluefly, dated December 21, 2007 apologizing that they have reason to believe the Coach Chelsea hobo that I purchased off their website as a Christmas present for my mother is fake.

    I applaud them for informing customers and sending return materials but I wish they had emailed me on December 21st too! Now I gave my mom the bag for Christmas and I have to suffer the embarrassment of asking for it back from her and finding her a new gift. This sucks.

    Did this happen to anyone else? I even had the bag authenticated here (just in case) and thought it was alright.

    I want to cry!
  2. If it was authenticated here, maybe BlueFly is in error. You should post more pics of it for us to look at before you go asking for it back!
  3. I only took a few (all of which were posted here). And since I don't have it, I don't think I can take more.
  4. Repost and let me see, please? I used to work at Coach. :smile:
  5. Thank you sooo much for looking at it!
    coachbottom.jpg coachcreed.jpg coachdustbag.jpg coachfront.jpg coachside.jpg
  6. last one I have.
  7. I am going to try to sharpen the creed one... :sad:
  8. See, it all looks fine except the creed and the plastic on the hardware, which Coach doesn't do. It's possible BlueFly added the plastic. I'm taking that creed photo into PhotoShop to see if I can sharpen it, and I'll let you know momentarily, okay?
  9. Wait a minute. Looking.
  10. [​IMG]

  11. Um-mm the wrapping on the strap...I had on the bag I sent back to Coach for it being the wrong color.(Though it was more like a thin foam plastic wrap) The plastic...Are you mentioning the little square clear thingy over the metal on the bag? Is that the plastic your refering to...:confused1:

    pghandbag I am sorry to hear that this occured to you...SHOCKING~! You think they would only purchase bags from reputable places so they know it's authentic...That it was a gift...And their now saying it might not be authentic...I don't know...If your mother loves it...It's a shame...A darn shame...I think they need to send you a replacement bag if you ask me...AN AUTHENTIC COACH BAG!
  12. PGhandbag, is that a 9 or an 8 on the creed?
  13. The serial # not matching the drilldown is a dead giveaway.

    Wow. I'm sad to see that BlueFly is not checking this before they sell bags........:tdown:

    And I'm really sorry about this...esp. since it was a gift. :sad:
  14. If it's a 9.... 10981.... That bag's authentic. The small squares of plastic on the hardware could have been added by BlueFly. I also see Coach tissue at the top.... workin' workin'.... (yes Cadillac I was referring to the tiny squares of thin plastic. Coach does use Foam plastic like you were talking about :tup:)
  15. 10881 doesn't match the drilldown. but 10981 does. It's just so hard to see from that pic. If the serial number is 10981, the bag's authentic. It matches the drilldown and everything else looks perfect. I'm magnifying and sharpening again. LOL this is like an archaeological dig!

    Edited to say:

    It's a nine. 10981. The bag's authentic, you can rest easy.


    See here and compare the two, if you don't believe me, but that auction is for an authentic bag, and the serial numbers are the same. The creed also looks the same. I think you're okay. :tup: :sweatdrop: