I am having such a hard time......

  1. posting my coach to sell on eBay :crybaby: I told y'all a while back that I was pairing down my coach collection and it's just sooo hard! I am trying to write out the listings and going over each bag to get any details, and then I just don't want to sell it! It's like a smoker who wants to quit but feels they just aren't ready :shame:

    I was trying to post my Whiskey shoulder bag and I just started smelling it.. and I was like "well.. this one isn't going for sale" :lol:

    I was only going to sell it because really l usually carry a larger bag now... but I just love this bag!

    Should I sell the Khaki/Black Ali?? Vintage Ergo Hobo?? I'm so confused :confused1:

    I promised my DH that I would sell a few. I need help. :nuts:
  2. I know how you feel... I'm going to be selling some of my old (yet really new because they've only been worn a few times) Coach and tokidoki bags, partly because I just don't need that many bags, I just don't have the room to store them all, and I could use the money to offset other purchases.

    It's hard, but I'm just sucking it up. As much as I don't want to give them up, they're just going to be stored away and never used. What good is that?

    Maybe you can post a photo of any and all that you're thinking of selling and we can help you sort through them...?
  3. I don't know how you do it. I could never part with any of my bags.
  4. All of these are too good to sell, and I think you might regret it. They are all less than 2 years young.

    Wasn't it Mommyville who sold a bag and immediately regretted doing so? (Sorry if I've named the wrong member)

    Think about it...

  5. The problem is that all my bags are pretty new.. so I can't just pick an older ones to sell.. I just started buying last January. In this year I bought .. well I HAVE 15-16 coach bags. The problem is that I buy too many bags on sale.. :shame: I need to stop that. If I don't need it/use it, it isn't a bargain right?

    So.. I promised I would sell a few to offset the price of the new LV's I bought and the coach heritage tote that is coming. I returned the bridgit so that's part of it.. and I finally got my refund from a natural Ali I got on eBay.. so I just need to sell a few things I think.. But it's hard!!!!

    I am selling some small accessories too .. like my punch agenda..
  6. You are so right. If you are not using it you should sell it. It is hard to part with things you love but I am doing the very same thing. I am returning three bags new with tags
    as they will never be worn as I can use the money to buy some new Spring Ergos. This is my justification as I am getting at least one or two new bags this Spring. You are doing the right thing. There will always be new bags to buy so don't worry.
  7. Well, you could try this: Figure out what you need to sell to cover your LV costs. Let's say $1000 for example. That's 3-4 Coach bags, depending on how much you got them on sale. So if you have 15, set ten aside that you cannot bear to part with and that you've used the most. Then take the other 5 and include anything you have never worn and put those in a pile. Then choose ONE of them to keep and sell the rest.

    Alternately, hubby and I did the token system once when cleaning out the miles of personal stuff you acquire in a lifetime - five tokens each. You spend a token when you REALLY want to keep something and when you're out, the rest is gone. You could try that...helps if he has something he needs to pare down too!
  8. If you want to sell the shoulder bag and Ali I would way. You will make more money in the future when these bags are harder to find and the market on ebay isn't so flooded with ones bnwt from the outlet
  9. You can do it!!! :tup: We will be here to support you! I have been going through the same thing and it is hard to sell them, but it's amazing the money those things tie up and if you need to get rid of some and promised your hubby, just list them and don't look back! (something I have a very hard time with) :rolleyes:
    You can do it! :flowers:
  10. Yes, don't look back and delete all the pics of the bags you sell. I need to do that. I have bought and sold so many Coach bags and have all the pics. Everytime I look at all of them I start wanting them again!
  11. Maybe lay them all out and decide which are sort of duplicates, I mean hold the same amount, worn in the same season, you know until you have them categorized then pick the ones you love best in that category. If the shoulder bag is the only smaller bag you have, keep that one, you can use it for going out at night or a BBQ in the summer, when you don't need an enormous bag but want something polished and cool. The whiskey is a year round colour too. It is good to have variety but you might not need alot of bigger winter bags for example. I know it must be hard to part with some of them because you like them all :sad: . Good luck.
  12. should I list them with BIN's or 9.99 and let it go... or should I start bidding higher?? so many bags on ebay don't sell because they are over priced.. IMO

    I would just die if I listed one for 9.99 and it sold for that cheap.. it just wouldnt be worth it, KWIM?
  13. You could start the bidding at 9.99 and set a reserve price.
  14. I start my auctions at 9.99 and they always go for more that I was expecting. I've had great luck with that so far.
  15. Just realize the risk that if the bag sells for less than what you wanted, you are obligated to sell it for that much (although some sellers back out - see the Ebay forum on here for those stories). I start my auctions at a little less than I would like to sell it for by about 10-20 dollars. But I also have a pretty realistic expectation of what they should bring using the completed listings search. I also pay extra for extra pictures so the buyers feel more confident. HTH! I feel your pain. Even though I barely carried the denim shoulder bag, I still felt a pang of sadness when I packed her up to go to her new home.