I am having regrets!!!!

  1. So I wanted the marc jacobs blake in bourdeaux.
    When I went to buy it, the sales guy said he could order it from Vegas but I was too impatient.
    So I went and bought the Louis Vuitton epi speedy 25....the red one.

    Now I'm sort of regretting it.
    My birthday is in a week so I was going to ask my mom if she wanted to buy me the blake...and if she didn't want to spend that much (which I don't mind) I could go halfers on it with her.
    But now I'm wondering if I should just return the epi and go and order the blake.

    See, I'm kind of stuck. I love the blake and the epi...but the epi has silver hardware which I need because all my bags have gold hardware...which the blake has as well.

    So I'm wondering if I should return the speedy and get the blake...and then just ask my mom for some louis vuitton certificates and buy it later.....since it will always be around...
    or if I should keep the speedy...
    or get both

    Opinions ladies? You guys are the best at this!
  2. Both is always better, if it's an option - that way you don't have to choose! But if you do, is the color of the hardware the main factor, or are there other things you like/dislike about them?

    Personally, I prefer the MJ ;) That bordeaux is so pretty.
  3. It sounds like the Blake was the bag you were aiming for, and you regret not having it. Only you can decide if both is the best option right now, but otherwise I would say definitely return the LV and get the bag you love. You will very much regret it if you don't get the bag you really want.
  4. Im not a big fan of LV, but I loveeeee the red speedy! Whereas I am a huge fan of MJ, and I really like the Bordeaux Blake too. They are both classy, timeless bags, but I prefer the LV speedy because of its true red color, and elegant styling. However, if you think the Bordeaux Blake wont be available for you to buy anymore, then perhaps you should go ahead and buy it!
  5. I would prefer the MJ also. It does sound like that IS what you wanted. You are right that the Speedy will be there, if and when you want to get it.
  6. Get both!

    Why not? Bags are the best, you can never have too many!
  7. Both is always the best choice! ;)

    But if I had to choose, I'd definitely pick the Epi Speedy..a true beauty and a true classic!
  8. I agree with the previous poster that stated it sounds like you were set on getting the MJ and wound up getting your second choice.

    I say take the epi back and get the MJ. That's what you wanted the most! Plus, I don't think you will truly be able to "enjoy" the spi because you will be second guessing yourself if you did the right thing.
  9. I think you should return the Epi and go get that Blake! The deep brick red color is gorgeous and extremely hard to find whereas the Epi will always be there should you decide to get it on a later date. I love the MJ leather! so soft and smooshy....yummmmmm!:tup:
  10. Return the Speedy and get the Blake. It sounds like the Blake is what you really wanted, and you only bought the Speedy to fill a void. You should get what you have your heart set on.
  11. You only have 14 days to return a bag to LV for refund, so you need to make your decision quickly.
  12. both.. if can't, get the MJ
  13. If you can have your cake and eat to too, then by all means get both if you can. But if you have to chose one I'd say the MJ Blake. That's the one you wanted....and still want.
  14. As much as I love LV, it sounds like you're set on the MJ. I think you'd be happier returning the LV & going with the Blake.
    Then, if the LV keeps popping into your head, you can go back for it later.