I am having palpitations!!!!!

  1. Oh my gosh,

    So I am looking on LVR, and they have the Big Edith that I mentioned, and I am so greedy I want TWO! I don't know how I will get One let alone Two. Please take a look and tell me what you think about the bag in Black and Muscade!!!!

    From a greedy Lolas Angel ( far from angel if I get them both!!!!!!)
  2. I'm drooling for a reg. Edith in Muscade too. But I'm not too certain if that's a true representation of the color on LVR site. If it is i'm all over it! I love that deep rich tobacco color.

    My vote is for the Muscade, but then again, it just depends on your wardrobe.
  3. Yep, I really like the Muscade because the colour is deep enough to wear with both brown and black too. I think that the bag looks a little like the Muse, but this doesn't seem too big like the Muse.I wonder how it works with a pre order at LVR, do you need to put a deposit down?
  4. ^ No deposit down but they'll charge the full amount after 2 weeks or 21 days (I forgot which) after your initial order is placed, even if the bag won't be arriving until Sept.
  5. Is there a full refund policy within a certain time like Net a Porter?
  6. If you are in USA, maybe you should hold on and check in person at the store to make sure which one you really love? Sometimes it costs you a lot to ship item back internationally...;)
  7. Unfortunately I am not. I live in London, and when I called Chloe in London today, they were so rude when I enquired about the style, and said they would check and call me back, and they didn't. I would much prefer to see and feel it first, but I hope that Net a Porter will have it, as I can return it at no cost.
  8. Oh,you are in London, then I think Net-A-Porter is good for you. I dont know why those SA in boutiques are soo snobby mostly...
  9. If you are in London, try Harvey Nichols or Selfridges. They are both very nice and get there bags earlier than in the US.

    What is the difference between Muscade and Brun? Does anyone like the Brun?
  10. Muscade seems to be a little antiquey looking, whereas the brown is just brown. I think that the bag looks really chic in Muscade.The sales assistants are so up themselves, it is a shame because it puts people off when trying to purchase. I will try Selfridges and Harvey Nichols tomorrow.
  11. I'm greedy too. I got two (thinking i'd send one back) - well needless to say i'm the proud owner of BOTH a Whiskey AND a Chocolate Edith now~

    Both were too beautiful to give up....
  12. I don't feel so bad now!!!!!!