I am having buyer's remorse before purchasing!

  1. I am wanting to buy the silver black Chelsea satchel, a powder blue legacy wallet! I am having buyer's remorse and I haven't even purchased it yet!!!

    I need some convincing...I have always wanted a Satchel and since I wear black ALL the time...it would go well with anything I wear!! But I am psyching myself out by looking at the price. My birthday was just on the 22nd of December and I really told myself that this was my birthday gift. But I am having 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts about it....Any advice? LOL
  2. If you are having buyers remorse, pick out something else!!
  3. hmm. well when i've been in similar situations in the past, that guilt never really goes away. i end up enjoying it for a while (maybe) but eventually i feel extremely bad for having spent so much money. it's usually a sign that i don't love it enough for the price tag. i'd say find something you really REALLY love; you should spend the money on something you love so much that it doesn't make you have second thoughts.

    this is based on MY experience though. take the advice with a grain of salt and all that :smile:
  4. Thanks for the sound advice! I appreciate it!

    I am thinking of just going for the Black Chelsea satchel and wait for the other stuff. I've wanted a black satchel with silver hardware for a while so I know it's what I really want. However, just because I have the money and can afford it now...doesn't mean I should buy it all!

    Thanks again! :heart:
  5. too bad you couldn't get it during PCE. I almost never buy a bag full price. Not when PCE discount comes 4 times a year. I also buy a lot of new bags on eBay. I'm really good at spotting fakes and researching good ebayers so I've had nothing but good experiences. I've saved hundreds of dollars by shopping there. You can always have the girls check out your auction on the "authenticate this" thread if you have doubts. Or maybe just buy the bag now and get the wallet during the next PCE?
  6. I have learned that even a good deal won't make me "love" the bag. My favorite bag of all times was bought at full price. I have SO many outlet deals that just sit in my closet. If you love the bag, a sale won't make a difference.
  7. Ok, I will play:devil: advocate. I say if you want it, buy it. You have already said that money is not an issue. You just had a birthday so I say;

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear WhrdRestOfMeGo, happy Birthday to you!:party:
  8. Okay, It has come down to the two bags..it's either the New HAMPTONS SIGNATURE Large flap satchel Or the Chelsea Signature (silver black)Satchel?

    Boy, having to choose is so hard!!!
  9. Chelsea Signature (silver black)!

  10. Man, you sure do know how to convince a girl!!!

    Not that I need much prodding....:yahoo:
  11. lol!! not to make things harder for you (i swear!) but i like the legacy flap a lot more. hahaha
  12. er i meant hamptons not legacy
  13. Well, I bought the chelsea cause I've wanted it for SO long!!

    My next purse is going to be the Legacy ALL leather...but not now!!! LOL
  14. I know that if I really want a bag, then I will obsess on it until I have it so I would just go for it. If you live near an outlet, maybe you can call them with the items you are looking for and if one comes in then you can get it there and save some money
  15. I have the chelsea optic satchel in browns and I paid full price, and I'm cheap and I haven't regretted it:yahoo: