I am having an affair with the FedEx Guy!!

  1. I just talked to DH who is in the Navy and overseas on deployment now...I told him I am having an Affair with the FEDEx Guy because this is the 2nd day he has come to my house!!!

    And as of right now...He is LATE!!!!! :tdown:

    <hears the Jeopardy theme song>
  2. Estimated delivery
    Jan 3, 2008 by 10:30 AM
    Ummm, it's EST here and it's 10:44...I may have to dump him!! Tardiness is one of my pet peeves...LOL
  3. Uh oh...you know what that means..he is having an affair with another house! Hope he comes soon or you are going to have to go searching for the triffling FedEx guy. :roflmfao:
  4. What a dirtball... I'd dump him and go for UPS guy. Love their shorts.:graucho:
  5. :lol:

    The Nerve of some men!! They don't see you for a while and they go elsewhere! :wtf:
  6. Well hes supposed to be coming by my place tomorrow afternoon....:nuts:
  7. Well, He's mine TODAY!!! :yahoo:
  8. At least you're not someone that actually has an affair while their spouse is deployed or in the field!
  9. And the sad thing is, people actually do!!! :tdown:

    The funny thing is, most people would take a 2nd glance at the topic that I posted...not you guys, you know what I was talking about!! hahahahahaha!
  10. It's 11:10....do you know where your FEDEX guy is??

  11. What a dirt bag! Being late is not okay...I hope he comes soon I really want to see what you got!:smile:
  12. You guys are too funny!!! :roflmfao:
  13. He's here, He's here!! He didn't forget me!!!

    Pics to follow!!!
  14. I know, that's what I meant. That's one of the saddest things about being in the military, to me. And the grossest disrespect. I'd rather be single than have a sleazy spouse!

    Glad you're one of the good ones :love: We need you all more than you know.
  15. Can't wait to see your pics!