I am having a very merry Coach Christmas and a happy New Year!

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  1. I'm so excited because my boyfriend hinted that he is buying me a coach bag for Christmas and that it is pink.:love: :heart: Also, I am buying myself a coach bag for my birthday (in January), and a coach legacy scarf. My mom may have bought me a legacy scarf for Christmas, so whichever she bought, I'm going to order the other online! I guess I'll have a very merry coach Christmas and a happy new year!:yahoo: :love:
  2. I hope you, I, & everyone has a wonderful holiday!!! I'm now not quite sure what bf is getting me. If I were you I would be so anxious & couldn't be able to wait til xmas. You must post pics if you can of all your new beauties!
  3. Merry christmas!
    I am still holding out to use my new legacy shoulder bag. Its getting harder each day!
  4. I hope he isn't teasing me though...I'll post pictures as they come! It might be a while before I have everything because my birthday is the 13th of January. I think it is unfortunate it isn't on the Friday...LOL!:crybaby: . Funny I always feel more lucky on the Friday (I have issues I know!):shrugs: . I hope everyone gets what they want this year. :yes:
  5. Well, if's it was on a friday...It would be Friday the 13th LOL & wouldn't that be bad luck?!
  6. Merry Christmas! Can't wait for pics!

  7. Yes, but I always feel lucky to be born on the 13th and I don't believe in such superstitions and so I like to embrace the friday 13th as a "lucky" day. :yes:

  8. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! And Merry Christmas (Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa) to you and to everyone here! May all our Coach dreams come true!
  9. aww..what a sweet boyfriend! My husband won't even give into my bag obsession. (except for that one time, in Vegas, when I picked up a Chanel tote, fell in love, looked at the price tag, and put it back. "how much?" he asked "A mortgage payment" I replied...yeah...we left Chanel pretty fast! heheh)

    anywho...I'm a January baby too...it's good and bad...but this birthday is big for me (30th)...so who knows if he'll do anything! heheh
  10. Everyone in my family, even the non immediate are all born in january. I'm the lone leo.
  11. Yay for you!!:yahoo:

    Don't forget to post pics!:yes:
  12. can't wait for pix! so happy for your merry holiday coach season.
  13. Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see pics and i hope you have a very "Coachy" Christmas.
  14. I see Coach gift bags already so I'm excited. Hehe.
  15. merry coach-mas to you too!