I am having a SWIFT moment

  1. I love my swift birkins and kelly. Swift is so soft and buttery and feels so good to the touch....

    I have been rotating between these 3 swift bags of late. All my other bags have been banished to the closet.

    30cm Birkins: Etoupe & Black
    28 cm Kelly: Rose Dragee

  2. so far, i've just been enjoying my etoupe birkin 35 - the only bag I have in swift so far! I love the luxurious feel of it plus it's low maintenance. its friendly to water and scratches! I would love to own something rose dragee in swift - can't wait!
  3. Beautiful bags, archangel! :heart:
  4. i'm loving your etoupe :heart:
  5. I love this leather too! I want a Birkin in swift!! Love the pics, btw!!!
  6. Although both swift and clemence are soft slouchy leather, IMO, swift slouches much more "elegantly" than clemence.. KWIM?

    The Rose dragee is kind of a dirt magnet... so I have to be careful when I carry her...sigh
  7. She's a cutie! I love the 28's...
  8. I'm loving that swift etoupe!!! TDF!
  9. :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  10. Gosh, those two birkins are drop-dead gorgeous!!
  11. What a lovely collection of swift bags, archangel!
  12. archangel, I just love your Birkins. I never thought about getting a black or etoupe in Swift but I think I'm going to look out for one from now onwards.
  13. I love swift, i have the turquoise Lindy in swift and i just love the feel of it.

    Your collection is beautiful in colors, styles and leather :woohoo:
  14. I like the rose dragee, but is it hard to keep clean?
  15. OMG those are all gorgeous! :drool: