I am having a major dilemma....


Which bag should I go for?

  1. Keep looking for the Chanel

  2. Are you crazy? Get the Chloe! Get the Chloe!

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  1. I've been wanting a silver metallic Chanel bowler now for a while but I know, good luck finding one. Then I saw this Chloe and I fell in love with this too. What would you do? Keep searching for the Chanel (persistence does pay off in my experience) or go for the Chloe?

    metallic chloe.jpg
  2. I don't like the way the Chloe looks, so I'd definitely keep looking for the Chanel.
  3. I think the money you would pay would be better spent for the Chanel.
  4. I would have to vote for the Chanel as well.
  5. definitely the chanel
  6. I would save for the chanel
  7. Chanel:yes: Ever since I saw these pictures of Elle it has really made me want this bag.I borrowed them from a post by H-addict.
    elle chanel.jpg elle chanel 2.jpg
  8. i vote for chanel!
  9. I think the Chanels have it! I'm gonna wait!
    Thanks goils!

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  10. keep looking for chanel! you might regret it if you don't! hehe!
  11. Chanel :smile: