I am having a hard time putting the baby cabas away--

  1. I would like to break out my navy patent jumbo classic flap. It is spring-ish and it seems like time, but I am having a hard time putting the cabas away. One, I love the bag. Two, it may have a shorter shelf life and maybe I should carry it while its hot. Is this crazy?
  2. leather cabas will be a classic and will not go out of style...it is too popular to be a one season bag.and the leather makes it timeless. also the patent could definitely be used now! why not interchange the 2?
  3. The cabas is amazing! I don't think it will have a short shelf life. Don't worry and bust out your navy patent- what a great bag for spring!
  4. OMG! i just purchasing a baby cabas black caviar :p
    i though having 1 coco cabas in vinyl is enough, but it's not!!! :wtf:
  5. i'm thrilled you all still love yours so much, i'm really late to the game, and getting mine tuesday and i am so excited!!!!:yahoo:
  6. I think the cabas will have a longer shelf-life too. It's too practical of a bag!!! I love it! As far as the patent, I agree with Purse-onality, interchange and use the patent! because I don't think it will have the same longevity as the cabas! ;)
  7. I try to use my vinyl cabas as much as possible for now...then switch to my white baby cabas as the weather warms up!!!
  8. haha, did you just say shorter shelf life? that just cracks me up for some reason. but i dont think the cabas will go out of style. it's pretty classic to me.