I am hankering for a Day... what color?

  1. I'll be at BalNY in April, and will probably pick up a bag... what color should I go for in the day style? So far, I'm thinking about...

    vert d'eau

    or should I just wait for violet or jaune?

    HELP! I already have rouge vif, so vermillion is eliminated. Thanks girls!!!
  2. I say aqua. I LOOOOVE my vert d'eau, but I prefer lighter colors in the first style.
  3. Aqua or marine. The day looks better in medium to dark colors.
  4. ^I agree with them. Although the violet or juane would be beautiful... can you afford one now and one later?
  5. My vote is AQUA! I want a bag in that color SO bad!!!! But the Violet seems like it's going to be AMAZING! Let us know what you decide!
  6. ooh, I vote for aqua with GH :drool: :drool:
  7. Aquamarine or blue glacier!
  8. My vote goes to marine. I have a marine day GH and I love it!
  9. AQUA would be lovely. Although I have seen a few Marine that are TDF as well!

    here is an example of a lovely marine (secretshop, hope you don't mind)
  10. aqua!
  11. Marine! I love the Marine color.
  12. For this season's colors, I vote Aqua...
  13. Aqua with RH

    or Marine with GH:p
  14. I vote for Aqua as well. I'm still dickering over what style to go with for Aqua......I've got to have this color.....it's gorgeous!
  15. That's exactly what I was going to vote for :yes: