I am grounded!

  1. I am on a purseban now:sad: Seriously, this time it's real:crybaby:
    I've been buying quite a lot of bags and Blythe dolly stuff and bling-bling online lately, and my dh has finally put his foot down and pleaded with me to please cut down on these needless spending.
    I can't say no to that as he asked me in such a nice way. If he has told me angrily to just stop buying with immediate effect, I would have click BIN on a paddy that I've been eyeing for some time, just to spite him. But now I couldn't, just because of the way he asked me. Oh boy! What a difference that made!:oh:

    So, I am now officially grounded, or should I say my paypal is grounded on big purchase. He says small stuff are okay, just refrain from the big ticket items. :push:Oh gosh, I must say he's good. I am grounded and yet I don't resent him doing this. Btw, I am a SAHM, hence no income, can't argue much. On hindsight, I really have spent quite a bit lately as compared to, say, last year?? :blush:I am definitely going back to the workforce as soon as my kids are older!:cool:

    So help me out here gals, please never never never enable me on $$$ items until the purseban is gone from my signature:angel:
    If I even show the slightest interest on anything at all on the forum or pm... do this to me --> :lecture:
    Thank you my pfer!!!
  2. Why don't you become an eBay seller until you can go back to work?
    Sounds like the best of both worlds to me!
  3. Oh Soleil! Purseban - or at least cut back - is not so bad! :s How long is this for?

    I've promised DH that I would cut back. And I haven't bought anything for a while.

    It's hard, but you can do it! Maybe sell something you don't use in exchange?
  4. Oh, I totally understand! :yes: I've been there. I think a purse ban is good every now and then; good to just sit back and watch others have fun with their new bags. And, you can give some attention to the current bags and other "bling bling" that you have. Not to say, of course, that it's easy to resist the temptation! :sweatdrop:

    I know your DH loves you very much, esp that he addressed the topic without anger. I know you want to honor your husband by abiding to his request. So until your purse ban signature goes away, we'll hold you accountable!:graucho:

    Maybe you can also consider ILoveMyBug's suggestion of selling on eBay?
  5. Totally sympathize, but this is a good time to WEAR what you have and just enjoy it. :yahoo: I think you will find that you have lots of bags that you have been COLLECTING but not wearing, so break them out! :wlae:
  6. ITA w/ Beanie, I am SERIOUSLY entering a ban (in fact I am changing my signature right after I write this post! :p ) and my plan is to just enjoy what I have and pick out on or two new additions I would like for the Fall. I've bought some fun stuff, some classic things, and now it is time to wear & enjoy, and leave the hunt to others. :idea: One suggestion, don't let the small stuff replace the big stuff! When I am budgeting, I try to throw the $20-30 I might be tempted to spend on a small trinket into a 'purse pile' . . . it adds up quickly and I feel better for it. Good luck, I'll be with you in spirit!
  7. Ladies, thanks for the support, I really need that:cutesy:

    ILoveMyBug, great suggestion. I think I should put my whiskey paddy on eBay to generate some disposable purse-fund.... but on the other hand I am really weary of ebay after reading so many scary story :s

    leanbeanee, I have no idea how long the purseban will be though. It's more like a penance long over due, I'll take it one day at a time. This way I get to enjoy my other bags too. Blessing in disguise??!:idea:

    slickskin, I agree this purseban may actually do me good in the long run, in terms of $$$ and patience. And in learning how to resist temptation of course:sneaky: That's the thing, dh has no problem buying and letting me choose a new SUV as I don't quite like the normal saloon I was driving last year but he simply doesn't understand my love/lust for bags; and the bags cost only a tiny fraction of the cost of cars. (the whole package price for cars in my country is, I think, one of the highest in the world) Anyway, the bottom line is, he loves me enough to set boundaries lest I go overboard again. (I used to go gaa-gaa over mouton coat and cape, and have actually bought some 10 of them in 2002/2003. I am staying on a tropical island, and the average tempeature throughout the year is about 32C/89F):p

    beanie, you are so right! I have plenty of new and unused bags sitting quietly neglected in the closet, calling out for me to let them see some sunshine. By the way, how did you know that? Great mind and bags lover think alike :supacool:

    macbagger, hello to my purseban buddy!!:choochoo:Actually I think I wasted a lot of $$ on postage as I always request and paid for Global Express Mail (EMS). Add those up and I could have gotten another paddy or Balenciaga.

    Purseban! Purseban! Purseban! HURRAY!!!
  8. Bans are a good thing in my eyes! I haven't bought any clothes* for more than a year now. I noticed that I wasn't getting enjoyment out of the thoughtless habitual clothes-buying I was doing so often, and I was just accumulating piles of clothes I didn't need. Last year I needed a dress for the ball so I bought that new, but that's it. I've learnt a lot from the ban and it's one less thing chipping away at my funds. I'm not suggesting that you stopped enjoying buying handbags; just saying I got something positive out of my ban though it was for different reasons!
    Just enjoy your collection! :nuts:

    *clothes: meaning literally that. I still buy shoes and bags. I do not mean to deny myself all the enjoyment I get out of spending my money! lol
  9. :shrugs: Purseban? Well...very good intention but hard to keep (for me) :shame:

    The thing is...the more I try to ban things the more they get interesting...:push:

    But respect to all, who don't fail this intention ;)

    The last ban I could keep, was a jeans-ban. I was about three month of not buying any jeans :wlae: I should go on with bags...purseban, yeah, very good intention :yes:
  10. Good luck with your purse-ban Soleil!

    I've been a high-end makeup *collector* for years and often have to put myself on makeup-bans just to enjoy what I've actually got in my collection.

    Needless to say, I went on a makeup-ban recently and it converted into lust for Chloe handbags! :push: I've just purchased my first and I've worked out that if I stop buying so much makeup I can probably afford a new bag maybe twice a year. I can relate to what you're saying - I'm a SAHM too.
  11. Good luck Soleil, lovely that you are doing this as well to respect your husbands wishes.

    I am not really on a ban as such but made a monumental decision this week to clear out 90% of my bags. I posted in here a while ago about how bag discontent I am and well I have decided to let the vast majority of them go and start again - only this time less obsessive and only buy what I really trully will love and use.

    So good luck and I will support you where I can.

    We're all in this crazy bag world together!
  12. That is really kind of your DH to be so gentle with the request :tender:

    I have my own CC so I am the only one that knows how bad I have been. But when something breaks in the house that I am reluctant to address because it means not buying another bag THEN I feel very guilty. I know that means DH will pay for the house item and then I know I am cutting into his fun-spending money.

    Balance in all things, right?

    I think we should have a thread where we newly discover bags we have and love but haven't used lately!! :idea:
  13. Don't feel alone!! I'm in a purse ban also since I spent 1700.00 on a bag two weeks ago and my cc are going high. I did all that on tax week, I guess I was depressed since I had to pay a lot in taxes!! No excuse!! I will join your club!!:smile: The BAN CLUB!! Soleil: in which sunny island you are? In the caribbean? Enjoy!
  14. oh yeah! It's tax week/month! Thanks for reminding me:p I've totally forgotten about it ever since I left workforce 7 years ago. No wonder my hubby's been indulging me all these months without saying anything until now, because the increased TAX is knocking at the door soon.
    Whoa, I should have been more understanding:oh: Now I feel really lousy + guilty~:sad: Let me go sulk for a while gals:push:

    I've been very good today, hardly log on to tPF and ebay.
    I hope I can keep this up though.

    I am also thinking of purging all my Coach handbags since I don't use them at all, but somehow they are not just handbags to me, they seem to have some sentimental values attached to them. Just by looking at a particular bag, I can sort of remember the time of my first and second pregnancies. Anyone knows what I mean at all here?? It's like listening to a certain song will bring back certain memories.

    I started out collecting Coach bags 7 years ago, that's the time I had my first baby. 3 years later I am at the tail-end-craze of Coach obsession and going more into LV and Marc Jacobs. Now I am head over heels with Balenciaga and Chloe. Different bags bring back different memories. When I sell a bag, I feel like I am erasing the tangible part of the memory - keeping only the ones that's in my mind. I think I am making my bag-selling difficult for myself :shrugs:I need a bag-shrink!!:wtf:

    Thanks for all the encouraging words, let's hope I can stick to this ban. I don't want to let my dh down:heart: Welcome to the PurseBan Club!!
  15. I'm from the tiny island of Singapore. Whole year round SUNSHINE!!:sweatdrop: