I am gona cry...............


Jan 25, 2006
Oh my lord they are precious and so is mama and daddy! And just to let you know I would take one of your puppies home even if they were fathered by the dog next door. They are just precious no matter what!:tup:


Which bag to buy today?
Mar 27, 2006
Bobobags, congratulations on the arrival of new puppies! They are soooooo very cute, I wanna eat them, hehe. Must be so exciting for you to take care of the lil pups, watching them grow bigger by the day.. I could never let go of the pups if I were you, I'd be so attached. My cat has had 2 litters so far, 2 and 4, and I love them all, can never let go even one of them. Hope all pups will find loving homes :smile:

In Aussie, mixed breed dogs are common. They mix all sorts of dogs. Maltese-shih tzus are very popular, maltese-bichon, etc etc.. Some ppl (like me) are only looking for pets, not show quality ones. There's obviously a market for these mix dogs, coz they're popular. I bought one of them, my Bhobho is a maltese-shih tzu. He is the cutest thing!


Dont Eat Yellow Snow
Nov 23, 2007
Darlington, uk
omg how cute, congrats on the litter, and good job 4 not letting the neg opinions get you down, as ive come to find out, opinions are like a*seholes, every one has one lol. seriously though, great job, you got some very cute puppys there xxx


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Mar 25, 2006
Markham Texas
Thanks for the comment queen_goth....I see you are new here, Welcome, this is a great place.....even with the neg opinions!.....ENJOY:tpfrox: