I am gona cry...............

  1. My pure Pekingese (Lola:heart:) is in labor, her first pup was born about 10:am now she has 3 (expecting more) but they all seem to look like the dog from next door! :crybaby:

    The last time my Pekes had pups they didn't look like that!!! ....................IDK maybe it's to early to tell!:wondering...................:shrugs:.........They sure are cute though.

  2. :roflmfao:

    Post pics so we can all guess the breed of the dog next door. :lol:
  3. ........hahah that's not funny!! I believe she just had one more.

    O.k I'll post pics later when I know they have all been born and they are all cleaned up. I guess we can play the "Who's Your Daddy Game" !HAHAHA
  4. If you are not breeding your dog she really should be spayed. There are plenty of unwanted puppies born every year with no homes to go to. I think letting your dog roam the neighborhood and get pregnant is somewhat irresponsible. Sorry.
  5. I keep my dogs in my home! they only go out in our fenced yard twice a day so they can do therir business! But we have caught the neighbors dog in our yard a few time and we've complained to the dogs owner about it! And yes we wanted her to have pups again! Both My Dogs don't ROAM THE NEIGHBORHOOD, they are both very loved and spoiled house dogs!!
  6. If your neighbor would have neutered their dog you wouldn't have this problem. Why do you want a dog that is not a show or breeding dog to have more puppies??? Is there such a demand for mixed breed dogs that there are not enough of them out there already? Thousands of puppies are killed every year just because there are not enough homes for all of them. Why do you want to add to the problem??

  7. What my neighbor does with their dog is not my business!
    I wanted my dog to have pure Peke pups not mixed!! At this point the new borns are still wet and Lola has not fully cleaned them,and they have short hair so I truley can't tell if they are from the next door dog or from my male peke. Just that they are Black and White like that dog. I do have 2 Pure Pekes!! I sell my pups to good homes........I'm not adding to any problem!
  8. When puppies are first born, they all kind of look alike to me, then they develop into their individual looks. I guess this is a good example of the lengths a male dog will go to, to reach a female in heat.

    I agree with spaying/neutering, but I'm not going to get into that. Hopefully you can find good homes for the puppies.
  9. Yes, they do look kind of look the same. My pekes are mixed colors white, brown,and black and the puppies seem to be white with black( or dark brown) spots all over, like the neighbors dog. So I just can't tell at this point.
    Sure I agree, if you don't want dogs to breed yea, spay or neuter, but I wanted her to have pups. I'm sure I'll find great homes for the pups. They are Beautiful.
  10. They seem to be turning a brown color.....................We have 5!!!
  11. Having just taken a volunteer orientation at my local Humane Society, I have to agree.

    It was heartbreaking seeing all those dogs (and cats!) waiting and waiting to find homes.:sad::crybaby:
  12. I understand the problem...........but Me wanting my dogs to have puppies is not. I did not breed her just to have the pups roam the streets and be homeless, I would not do that.
  13. Congrats on the pups! I can't wait to see pics!

    I agree that a dog should be spayed or nuetered however, if you choose to breed your dog, you are responsible for taking extra precautions when your dog is in heat. If that means standing watch outside while your dog is doing her business to keep your neighbors dog away, that is what you need to do.

    I do volunteer work for bulldog rescue, so honestly the problems is not limited to mixed dogs. Here is a link to petfinder that currently have 655 pekingese dogs for adoption. http://search.petfinder.com/search/search.cgi?animal=Dog&breed=Pekingese&preview=1&exact=1

    Good luck with the puppies.
  14. Thank you!! they are beautiful! I will post pics!
  15. I can't wait to see pictures! I see you live in Texas. I wish I lived closer to you so that maybe I could get one of your puppies!!! We have three dogs now, but one more would be perfect.

    I have a fondness for Pekignese. My grandparents had two that they loved so much. They never let us kids near them, though, as they thought we'd drive their dogs crazy! LOL!

    Anyway, congratulations and good luck with your doggie and her family!