I am going to the GRAMMY AWARDS!! What to wear???

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  1. I can hardly believe this, but a friend and I are going to the Grammy Awards next Sunday, 2/11 at the Staples Center here in L.A. It looks we will even be in the VIP section and on the list for two or three after-parties. I am absolutely ecstatic, but...

    I am at a complete loss for what to wear. I know I'll carry my beautiful little black and gold Dolce & Gabbana evening bag, but other than that, so far, I'll be naked. I'm sure most of you can relate to the problem of having overflowing closets of absolutely nothing suitable for any given occasion. Yesterday I bought a beautiful black dress with velvet and beading and such, very victorian / rocker chic, but now I'm afraid it might be overkill. I'm 5'2", size 8P, fair-skinned with long auburn hair.

    Any suggestions?? What would you wear?? Classy? Edgy? Bohemian? Black? Red? Green? I may be a nobody, but next Sunday, I want to be a FABULOUS nobody!! :yahoo:
  2. :nuts: Wow! Congratulations! How exciting!!!
  3. Congrats!! Sounds like a blast!
  4. Amazing! Enjoy yourself. Stick to the classics you can never go wrong.
  5. Congratulations! hmm, i suggest classy edgy look. the black dress u mention sound beautiful. do u want to post a pic of it so that we can have a better idea?

    1) Put on jimmy choos heels, 2) Have a professional hairstylist do your hair, tie it into a classy bun will be nice. 3) Put on diamond studs and 4) A simple diamond ring. 5) Get a professional makeup artist to do your makeup. ask for fresh radiant look. 6) Remember you should wear the dress and not the dress wears you. 7) Spring is all about fresh, simple look. too much ongoing will be tacky.

    Don't forget...

    1) Sleep early before the big event, 2) Make sure your breath is fresh, 3) Go for last minute whitening of teeth, 4) Pls don't pile up on tan, if you had to, make sure you don't look too gold, 5) Put on deodorant and perfume. 7) Bring along fresh mints and 8) Oil blotters. 9) Lip gloss/Lipstick 10) And always smile.
  6. I've been to many Grammy's and can tell you ANYTHING goes at the Grammy's, and I mean ANYTHING.

    I usually wear a simple cocktail dress or simple cocktail pants and nice top. I have even worn designer printed jeans dressed up with fabulous shoes and and a great top. Remember you'll probably be surrounded by a sea of expensive designer outfits so simple classic designs may be best assuming you don't have $12,000 to shell out for a designer frock.

    It'll be a VERY long day into night event so I suggest you have a few touch up tools nearby. This is NOT the night to toss only a lipstick in a teenie tiny bag unless you have a tote nearby. Also, keep in mind many of the credentials are kinda big and you'll want to slip them in your bag. I also suggest having another pair of shoes in the car, by midnight you might need to switch shoes. You'll probably have to do a little more walking than you anticipate and no doubt will be standing for longer periods than you planned.

    Enjoy your night (um, day and night I should say) and my best advice to you is to use the bathroom every chance you get because you may have trouble getting to one when you really need it!!!
  7. Wow, such amazing advice!

    MaxHavoc, you are right on the money. I realize I cannot compete with the $12K frocks so I think I'll just be myself. I'm even thinking about pants now because they'll be more comfortable for the long haul. I had no idea about the credentials, so my little D&G bag might not be enough. Maybe I'll opt for something a little bigger.

    Dior24, I've covered a few of the bases you mentioned. I've got someone coming to do my hair and have decided not to do the fake tan thing. I'm a fair redhead and wouldn't want to look like Lindsay Lohan with that weird orange glow:wtf: I don't know about makeup yet, but I'll probably just do it myself.

    Aah, so many decisions. I only wish I had designers sending me dresses and diamonds;)
  8. Do you want to be in a sexy suit? I'm thinking Erin O'connor, Victoria Beckham -esque kinda look. Erin's look was the ruffled YSL shirt with wide leg trousers, while VB's look was the buttoned down to THERE white crisp shirt, wide leg trousers, pointies and a scarf round the neck.

    May I suggest you going for this look? I think it's new and a fresh take from the whole dress thing.

    Remember to study your angles and KNOW which angles work best for you! Practice in the mirror- it usually works!!

    And if you do decide to go in the sexy suit, wear your hair down but with a good blow dry. This would make the look a little less rigid, more relaxed but still fabulous. : )
  9. Congrats. How did your friend get tickets? That is a dream of mine to go to the Peoples Choice, Oscars, Grammy's or any awards event.

    wear something a bit edgy.
  10. Wow ! Congratulations, everybody seems to of given you great advice here.

    Be sure to post pics. I would love to see what you decided to wear. Have fun.
  11. My friend is in the entertainment industry and gets tickets to lots of events, but usually can't go because he is working during the events. Good for his business, and great for me!
  12. Yes, fantastic advice. So good, in fact, that I have lots of new ideas! If this works (I've never posted pics here before) you should be able to see the dress I first described. It's beautiful, but now I'm thinking edgy pant suit as vogue and bagsforme suggested. I might have to play sick one day this week and go suit shopping;)

    This is the dress I have now, what do you all think?

    Grammy Dress a.jpg

    Grammy Dress b.jpg
  13. Wow, I think you'd look absolutely fabulous in that dress... ;)
  14. The dress looks very nice and it's not overkilled. You will definitely rock in that dress and have lots of fun there...I wish I can go too.
  15. Thank you for posting the pics ..... Its a lovely dress.