i am going to return this bag.

  1. u guy all sure hate me always post rubbish thread here.
    coz; i'm just going back & forth.

    but the excited moment is coming. i' letting go of my GGH anthracite City.
    Coz i'm plan to get Part time .. in Golden hardware.

    i'm 168CM tall...

    maybe Part time suit me more... but am i making the right decision?

    city is much more better then part time?
    b1.jpg A1347476.jpg
  2. The Part Time is a much bigger bag than the City. You mentioned you're 168cm tall...It depends on what you don't like about the City??? I think the GGH looks better on a bigger bag. I would choose the Part Time...
  3. more pictures
  4. dear, dear rainie. it's your money, your bag. nobody but yourself can make the decision for you, init?

    have you found the PT you want to exchange the City for? if so, have you modelled it and tried to imagine you're going to like it and wear it for its worth?

    maybe you could start a poll but i'll be honest and tell you upfront that i won't participate in it. i can understand how hard it is to reach the decision. i went thru it myself but ultimately i can't and won't want other people to decide what bag i should carry.
  5. [​IMG]


    more picture of my baggg
  6. No i have not found part time that i want yet.
    but i found out it much bigger then my city.
    so am still deciding... i love anthracite now a lot...

    but i love PT size more ..

    so now my problem is , unsure whether next year will have a color nicer then this & should i really sell it , i really cant decide man...

  7. I think you should get the PT if you like that size more. In the end, when spending so much on bags you have to get what you really love or you will be unhappy!
  8. I would just advise you to think long and hard before returning the anthracite city GGH! It's great color and size and GH looks so good with that particular color. The bag will only get better as you wear it in (softer and more pliable). Unfortunately I sold mine before I could think about it realistically and have been kinda sorry. Anthracite is going to be rare I think. It is a kind of black substitute, with blue undertones of course, but it does break the monotony of black. Just one person's opinion. The PT is pretty BIG right, more like a tote than a handbag. I had the weekender and it is WAY too big for me to carry as a bag..good luck. The end is do what YOU think is best, not some strangers on :tup:a forum!!!!
  9. as everyone has said - its your bag, your decision, we are complete strangers!!! having said that though.....THAT BAG IS FREAKIN GORGEOUS! I have an AnthraGGH day bag and absolutely love the color and I get more compliments on my Anthra than anything. Yours looks so good next to your face!

    Try on a part time and see if you like it on before you let go of this gorgeous bag! Let us know what you decide.